Differences between Eclipse Phase and Numenera?

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Differences between Eclipse Phase and Numenera?


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Weeeeeell. Differences are

Weeeeeell. Differences are massive it is easier to list the similarities:
-Nanotech is magic.
-There was a catastrophy in the past, but now life sort of stabilized.
AFAIK that's all.
Maybe others will tell you more.

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Numenera is rules light, and less simulationist. Gameplay focuses on one-use powers called Cyphers that are doled out by the DM. Skill checks rely on spending points from point pools instead of static skills, which give the game a boardgamey feel but makes combat very attrition-based.

Equipment is minimal and very fantasy-styled. Firearms are completely absent. Hacking is not a generally a thing.

Theme and World:

Numenera is a game about hope instead of existential danger. Humanity is on a trajectory to prosperity. Horror themes aren't typically front-stage, but a horror theme guide is included in the Numenera core.

The world is broad-strokes fantasy with sci-fi gadgets. Almost no serious political factions and a very escapist feel.