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Wares/Gear Suggestions

Eclipse Phase 2nd Ed - Gear/Ware suggestions
Some ideas for gear and wares I had which I hope to see introduced/reintroduced in the upcoming Gear/Wares section for 2nd Ed.

Brain Box [Moderate]
The morphs cyberbrain (and included features) are replaced with a fully-formed biological brain. Removes Access Jacks, Cyberbrain, Mnemonics and Puppet Sock (if any). Requires Cyberbrain.

Obligatory Brain Box ware for those Psi characters who don’t want to be locked out of 2/3rds of the morph selection, and still have their powers. Still gives up twice it’s cost in arguably useful wares, but also removes the vulnerability to hacking (now it’s only your Mesh Inserts that can be hacked).

Flexware [Major]
The shell is composed of modular components and smart matter capable of changing shape, configuration, and attaching to other flexware shells to form larger, composite forms. Enables Flexbot rules. +1 Flex pool. Synthmorph only.

A cross-thread suggestion (from here) specifically for Flexbots: Since Shape Adjusting wares have yet to make an appearance outside Flexbots, and Modular Design is purely the province of Flexbots, the idea is simply to merge the two together. The major reasons, other than what’s been stated already, is to improve Ware efficiency/correct redundancy, improve overall cost efficiency, and get a bit more ‘bang for buck’.

An optional, but highly encouraged idea (from here) would be to give Flexbots, or Flexware itself, the following ability:

A shell with Flexware may recreate wares using its modular components and shape-adjusting shell. Spend 1 Flex to immediately recreate: 2 Minor Wares; or 1 Moderate Ware.

Not sure on a duration, or some of the other salient details - I do think each use should have the Flex cost, however.

Mass Conversion [Moderate]
This shell’s components and smart materials can be freely exchanged with other modules with this ware - or ejected, at need. Can transfer DUR from one module to another, or discard Max DUR equal to Wound Threshold to remove a wound. Restoring Max DUR requires a repair roll, or long rest. Requires Flexware.

My take on a flexbot augment from Transhuman I thought was interesting and relatively powerful for it’s cost.

Advanced Articulation/Proprioception [Major (R)]
The module is comprised of advanced nanotech materials, and distributed, modular wares - allowing rapid, sudden reconfiguration. Melee attacks resisted with half Fray. Gains Limberness (level 2) Morph Trait. Requires Flexware.
Restricted: The nanotechnology and materials composition is often thought to be directly derived from TiTAN technology. True or not, Inner system polities (and some outer system ones) treat such technology as military grade with appropriate restrictions, at best - or an active TiTAN hazard at worst.

Another flexbot augment redone for the new edition. Basically turns them into something like a solid-state nanoswarm/smart swarm. Inspired by enemies from the videogame The Surge, which are basically animate masses of hostile nanites.

Polysuit Attachment [Moderate - Major?]
The armour and it’s components are composed of shape adjusting materials and a self-compacting design, which can fold away into a convenient, unobstructive form worn on your character's body, or carried on their person. A polysuit takes a full action turn to deploy around its wearer and provides no protection until the end of the turn. This attachment can only be applied to armour suits - exoskeletons and similarly complex robotics are too bulky and unwieldy.

Inspired by the likes of the ‘briefcase suit’ from Ironman 2, agents and security types might need to affect a more cordial social appearance - only suiting up during times of duress. I felt this made more sense as an armor attachment rather than an armor in and of itself. Naturally it’d be ridiculous to get this kind of benefit for something like a hardsuit or battle exoskeleton (compare the briefcase suit to the ‘Veronica/Hulkbuster’), so armors and armour attachables (exo-frames, etc) only.

I'm open to comments/critique on my ideas, and I'm interested to see the ideas of others.

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I would also suggest some

I would also suggest some cost changes on Basic Biomods and Cyberbrain+Mneumonics+Eidetic Memory. It seems to me like Biomods should be [Moderate] on their own for how much they do, and the three bonuses from having a cyberbrain should either be all just included with Cyberbrain at Moderate, or split up to [Minor] wares.

Ware's that we seem to be missing: Wings! I think the Neo-Avians just have that as their listed movement without it being a proper ware. But I have a character who's a morph designer and animal handler, wanting to put wings on all the morphs they work on. I guess it should be [Major], but it's less clear. In a similar vein: non-legged movement options for synthmorphs. Maybe I want a wheeled case instead of a walking one? this could probably be racked up as "Alternate movement system" and just [Moderate] for replacing an existing system, or [Major] for gainng an extra one. All the various movement types seem to have enough relative up and downsides it should probably be fine to let it be a multiple-choice 'ware.

Also, some clearer rules on what given Fabbers can and cannot do. I've been declaring them limited to specific hardware and Medicine skills, but that's only a stop-gap solution.

A slight smell of ions....

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... I'm going to steal the

... I'm going to steal the heck out of the Polysuit Attachment, if you don't mind.

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ApSciLiara wrote:... I'm

ApSciLiara wrote:
... I'm going to steal the heck out of the Polysuit Attachment, if you don't mind.

Not at all! My hope is if people like it enough, the Devs might steal it for the game proper.

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I'd actually suggest that the

I'd actually suggest that the polysuit be a distinct type of armor, something that skirts the line between (say) armored clothing and an exosuit. Strength boosting but less armor, due to the constraints of its design. It feels like something distinct and interesting enough to be its own thing, rather than a tick-off option for any other kind of armor.

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Smart Skin and the Light

Smart Skin and the Light Vacsuit already exist for armor which can rapidly deploy from a small thing. I don't really see the need to add more, but perhaps I'm envisioning something a little different.

By and large I don't like those flexbot changes, but this isn't really the thread for that. More specifically to this thread I don't like the idea of collapsing Shape Adjusting and Modular Design together. There were a fairly large number of 1e morphs with Shape Adjusting, which did not have Modular design (Kite morphs, Reapers, Liquid Silver Steel, Synthtaur, Mimic, etc), and I don't think erasing those options is a very good idea.

Advanced Articulation just doesn't seem that good. It basically invalidates a lot of morphs (any that aren't flexbots, or have that upgrade) for melee specialization, but still leaves melee bad, while being expensive. The 1e rules for Reconfigurable Proprioception seem better to me.

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Quote:It feels like something[Edited]

It feels like something distinct and interesting enough to be its own thing, rather than a tick-off option for any other kind of armor.

I won't disagree. I suggested the ploysuit be an attachment both to allow for some flexibility with other armors already drafted out, and to avoid introducting yet more to the pile (as some might want a 'light', 'heavy' and etc for polysuit variety - when it instead can be a simple attachment and fit to whatever is already there).

There were a fairly large number of 1e morphs with Shape Adjusting, which did not have Modular design

This is true, but in 2nd Ed, the only returning morphs with either are the Flexbots and the Reaper - and the Reaper no longer has Shape Adjusting. I suggested flexware, both because I think it's a cool idea, and because I perceive (possibly incorrectly) a trend of removing/limiting shape adjusting compared to 1st Ed.

Edit: Other thoughts that come up is to replace Modular Design with Flexware, as originally suggested, but leaving Shape Adjusting as a separate ware for recreating some of the more interesting shell designs, which aren't flexbots.

My theory of Shape Adjusting being toned back/phased out is also due to the way some morphs which had it previously have been reworked with wares that more accurately reflect their abilities and possibly represent that the morphs have a defined/static structure, unlike Flexbots (i.e. the Reaper now only has Pneumatic/Telescoping Limbs, and Articulated Weapon mounts). Other morphs, like the Steelmorph variant which has Shape Adjusting in 1st Ed could more accurately (and more cheaply) have it's disguising abilities represented by Chameleon Skin and Skinflex wares.

I wouldn't argue against Shape Adjusting being a Ware still, but I would definitely endorse any attempts to make it more specific in what it does.

Ware's that we seem to be missing: Wings!

For the time being, I think the Expense categories for different movement systems can be converted basically 1-1 to the new Complexity system. I.e. Thrust Vector goes from expense: Moderate to complexity: Moderate, and so on.

[More edits]

Advanced Articulation just doesn't seem that good... The 1e rules for Reconfigurable Proprioception seem better to me.

Reconfigurable Proprioception in 1st Ed is basically 'Limberness +' for flexbots - with some cookie cutter benefits to melee skills which aren't in 2nd Ed.

Further, my philosphy for this suggestion is for both uniqueness and cost vs benefit.
For cost, my suggestion certainly upsets melee, it also has the cost of being somewhat hard to get, which I felt was fair for something so potentially powerful.
For uniqueness, the ware would only alter an extant mechanic in favour of the bot that has it, rather than be a boring (and frankly common) '+skill' benefit - when a character might already have stacked themselves to the max with said skills.

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Sword gun?

Quick idea I had for a melee weapon mod:

Blade Discharger [Moderate]
Modifies the weapons’ blade to fire from its hilt, using railgun principles for greatest range and stopping power. The hilt is reusable, but is effectively a baton/club until reloaded.

Weapon Profile: DV (As melee profile), Semi-Auto, Ammo: 1, Range: 15m

Basically a cheap trick for emergencies, taken from a documentary on special forces weapons (Spetsnaz ones), with some transhuman flair.

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Compact Design?

Not sure if it's really a "ware"-thing, but I'd love to see the option to downsize synthmorphs. Never really made much sense to me that Neotenics were billed as being good for space stations due to their size, but there wasn't a standardized humanoid synth of similar size. I think there was a quality one could take. Probably going to be the same in this edition. Don't know.

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Flexbots are great for small

Flexbots are great for small sized morphs, but then you have to deal with the Exotic Morphology and small Pools.

A slight smell of ions....

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Enlarged/Reduced Sizes

Enlarged/Reduced sizes seem like they are/would be a ‘zero-balance’ type of mod/ware - each size class larger/smaller than ‘normal’ has a nice balance of strengths for similar weaknesses (smaller being more dodgy, but less punchy, with larger being the reverse).

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