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{Riffing on setting} Color of the Year for AF 10?

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{Riffing on setting} Color of the Year for AF 10?
What colors are most prominent in AF 10? What 10 colors form the palette this season? How do location, background, and faction affect color choices? This affects not only fashion, but decorating, design,logos, all sorts of things! It may seem a silly question (though the feminist in me wonders why that's so), but color not only can build immersion and character,it communicates an awful lot about the overt and subtle nature of a society, so questions lke these can really nail down things about a fictional world that can't be conveyed elsewise . . . Inspired by: https://www.pantone.com/press-release-pantone-color-institute-releases-s... https://medium.com/@LevelStudios/the-subliminal-social-messages-of-green...
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AF10 probably isn't too
AF10 probably isn't too worried about color for the same reason it IS a bit silly: It's generally superfluous stuff aside from things like camouflage and high visibility safety-wear. Sure you can argue there's a psychological component to color, but those associations are cultural, and would swing as much then as it does now across different cultures. Maybe some f-rep groups would be interested in it but when the Venusian glitterati try and tell the Martians (Or for laughs, the Scum) what the "colors of the season" are, I wouldn't expect much agreement. Consider also that the ease of manufacturing in AF10 could conceivably eliminate any problems with dyes (If you're at all into the chemistry of that stuff). That's before getting into anything with meta-materials (Vantablack) or smart materials and continues to expand just how different colors and their associations could be across cultures. Of course run your games how you like, but that's my take on it.
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Near-ultraviolet. It's a
Near-ultraviolet. It's a beautiful shade of smorg.
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Ned has a point, IIRC the
Ned has a point, IIRC the game points out people with Enhanced Vision see in like, 13 colors, not just the 7 humans normally interpret.
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Mars seems to like the color
Mars seems to like the color red, with groups like the Rednecks, bright red skinned morphs, organizations like Red Edan and Red Mars around and more. A lot of primary colors seem to matter on Mars, as Blue Mars and Black Mars (not a primary color I guess) also exist or existed. Titan on the other hand has very widespread adoption of Enhanced Vision, so I'd expect their color schemes to vary a lot seasonally, and frequently are colors which flats like us can't perceive. Luna is probably pretty earth-y, as they're the closest to earth culturally and physically. I'm thinking a lot of blue, green, and mourning black. Synthetic colors like grays are something to avoid. Venus is going to be bouncing colors off of the omnipresent yellow skies which surround the aerostats, either contrasting or matching them. Basically, it'll probably vary a great deal by location, which is probably useful for establishing different locales in a system-spanning game.
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This years trend is individualism.
Dionysia Sacredmirror et alia wrote:
What colors are most prominent in AF 10? What 10 colors form the palette this season? How do location, background, and faction affect color choices?
Having specific colour/fashion trends implies a hegemony of culture and politics that isn't present in EP. You may have habitat-specific elements, but they're going to be based more on [i]specific[/i] cultural elements and local mimetics rather than society-wide trends.
Dionysia Sacredmirror et alia wrote:
It may seem a silly question (though the feminist in me wonders why that's so)
I have to ask – what does feminism have to do with it?
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Let's have a fashion show!
The thing is, Eclipse Phase has *several* cultural hegemonies. For instance, ever since the pressure of embodied refugees has lowered sufficiently, the LLA has established itself as what the Inner Sphere considers avantgarde. Meaning a mainstream, commercialized, artificially made scarce kind of elitism, which ironically is appealing to the popular sense of altruism and do-goodery; for instance, rather recently the Galatea morph was released, ostensibly to create greater acceptance of the Clanking Masses, of which of course none could actually afford that very morph. As that release occurred shortly before the beginning of the new season and has tapped into a major minority meme on Luna, fashion designers rushed to emphasize on it, making the colors of this season tones of grey, playing with the effects and patterns of matte grey, mirror-reflective silver, and the star-like glitter of microdiamonds. These bold creations are punctuated with dabs of color, often blue or yellow. Well, and now I have out-fashionista'd me for the moment. I'd suggest green and blue for Mars (the colors of terraforming) for this season, and I have no clue about Venus or Extropia. Anarchists, of course, don't have so much a fashion scene as they have people continuously copying each other, deviating, and deliberately breaking radically with what other people are currently doing, evolving fashion memetically, and cranking out new designs on a monthly, in some cases even weekly basis *per designer*, leaving the average anarchist staring at the local fabber in an overwhelmed daze. "I... just need an overall for the workshop! Something to protect against the sparks!" "192 patterns found." "By Bogdanov... Any smart vac suits among those?" "63 patterns found." "Okay, that I can handle... Yeah, that one. Ping the designer's rep." For Jovian fashion, I'd assume military cuts, minus lapels and collars, no flashy colors.
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