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[LFP] Starting a game soon.

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[LFP] Starting a game soon.
Looking for 2-3 players for an Eclipse Phase game that will (hopefully) be starting up in the near future. Not a lot of details at the moment except for potential times. Very likely to be at/around 8PM-12AM EST. Planning on playing via Roll20 with Discord or Hangouts for voice communication. The lack of details is mostly due to my wanting to craft something around the player group. As such there's a good chance it won't be Firewall based.
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Well, the time works for me.
Well, the time works for me. I'm interested. Any idea what day of the week it would be?
TheObsoleteMan TheObsoleteMan's picture
I'd be interested as well
I'd be interested as well (pending day of week info).
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I, too, would be interested depending upon the day.
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Me as well
I'd be interested as well depending on the day, Pretty free most days.
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I would be willing to play.
I would be willing to play.