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[[MESSAGE BEGIN]] Greetings fellow transhumans. The time has come to shed your frail flesh. Though the bipedal platforms many of us use today have served well in the past, they cannot keep up with the growing demands of life in solar system and beyond. That is why the Association for the Advancement of Synthetic Persons proudly presents: [url=http://imgur.com/a/EEvR2]The GeomeDroids.[/url] This line of Flex-bot configurations is optimized for MAXIMUM fun. The first two released, the TetraheDroid and the OctaheDroid are designed for use in low gravity environments. They possess Ionic thruster systems and MAXIMUM appendages for navigation. For when 1 cyberbrain is INSUFFICIENT for your MAXIUMUM MIND BLOWING needs, these Geomedroids are capable of tessellating infinitely, letting you add as many FRIENDS to the whole as you can. The designs are provided for free. Any who wish to contribute to future design projects, please send a Fork to the following: [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZkjJbYtTno]ADDRESS.[/url] [[MESSAGE END]]
I sexually identify as an attack helicopter. ... Don't judge me, the morph just really spoke to me on a deeper level.
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I'll take 8
and in addition, slap on a crafter and sapper module to make new material out of whatever is encountered, some of which will be fed into an engine module. The courier morph needs some competition.
Strength in depth... The Fleet
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Has anyone given these a spin in the rings of Saturn? Might need some adjustments to make the most of it, but there is a serious lack of good synths for ringers.