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First 24hrs of the Fall - Thoughts?

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First 24hrs of the Fall - Thoughts?
So I am starting to really get ready to run this pre fall game as an EP primer, and I want to introduce some of the scary Titan stuffs. My game is taking place on the West Coast of North America. In the Antelope Valley area. (Bit south of Edwards Airforce Base.) And I have Edwards get nuked. And my group has to work their way up to either Bakersfield, California for its Egocasting facility, or get down to Mexico City, Mexico for its Space Elevator. I'm just curious what kinda of stuff would have been happening during the first 24hrs of the fall. I want to include a buddy brick that bakes an entire apartment building. I want to include head hunters. I want to include, just one fractal. My pre gens, not sure if this is helpful, but my pregens are: A Field IT technician, an EMT, a psychologist, a PHD in Middle Ages warefare, a fire fighter.
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Don't know that you want anything other than flavor TITANs
Players probably will be about as unready for the TITANs to make a full appearance as CoC characters would be unready for Cthulhu to actually show up. The biggest problem players should face would be the destruction of order as transhumans head for the exits.
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Pretty much whatever you can
Pretty much whatever you can imagine, and usually you can't tell what direction it's coming from. Major cities are usually coastal, so it may be easier for the the TITANs to melt the poles than to directly assault them. Definitely we know there's crazy weather things going on. Superhurricanes, earthquakes, armies moving back and forth, slews of refugees, militia platoons, common thugs and gangs. The TITANS are smart, so expect them to focus more on systempunkts and misdirection than direct confrontation.
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And don't forget the TITANs
And don't forget the TITANs infiltration of earth systems in society. It's not just the big, obvious threats to life that are a problem. Something as simple as hacked traffic controls or spoofed emergency signals can wreak havoc or lead people into traps.
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Honestly, it might play more
Honestly, it might play more like a high tech new world of darkness or call of chthulu campaign than what you might expect from EP, at least in initial tone as the horror of the TITANs actually kicks in. A better question to ask: how do you interpret the TITANs as a GM? that will greatly affect the tone and the events that transpire. I can only really speak from how I'd do it as I like to think that the Fall wasn't a sudden event, but rather a really long, protracted thing that started out quiet in the background and just steadily gained momentum until humanity was unable to stop it. As the setting points out, there was a lot of prominent 'foreground' political turmoil happening on Earth during the period. Then again I also like the idea of the mid to late fall being a months long actual armed conflict between humanity and the TITANs because the idea of stalwart humans holding the line long enough to get people offworld appeals to me. I didn't say I had good ideas for what you need in your campaign :P
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That's largely what X-Risks
That's largely what X-Risks has to say about the fall. There was a fairly long period of political strife, and conventional warfare before the TITANs made themselves known; and something like 85% of it was the TITANs doing.
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Yeah, I didn't find out that
Yeah, I didn't find out that X-risks had been released till after that post. Been living underneath that proverbial rock.