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Armour depletion and Item durability

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Armour depletion and Item durability
My question is, Does armour deplete as a character gets hit in combat? Even though I have been running an Eclipse Phase game for almost year I still think of myself as being new to the game. Originally I did not even consider the fact that armour might deplete during combat until one of my newer players assumed it did. I think because he read the short paragraph on the top of page 209 where it is titled "Repairing Armor". If armour does not generally deplete during the average combat session, would armour repair even come up often at all during a game? If armour is damaged and does deplete, would that come from the damage prevented by the armour after taking AP into account? I'll admit I do like the idea of depleting armour even if that is not how it is supposed to be played but I would really like to know how it is supposed to be played. On a side note, is there a chart anywhere showing durability for items such a weapons and gear. I am asking because nanoswarms:Saboteurs (p.329) can damage items but I do not see anything showing examples of durability for items. Also I would think Area effect weapons would damage gear as well.
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Armor does not normally
Armor does not normally deplete, but certain types of attacks can reduce your AV, damaging the armor. Most common would be Scrapper's Gel or Liquid Thermite, these eat AV before doing DUR damage. Similarly, Ablative Patches do actually degrade when used and need to be replaced, but that's how ablative armor works anyway. Generally I think these things tend to deplete AV first, so only damage actually past your AV you'd take. There's not a chart for items, but there is a chart for materials (and what such objects might be associated with them) in the Core book somewhere.
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Disassembler Swarms attack
Disassembler Swarms attack armor first as well. Certain things like critical results or called shots might cause armor damage as well.
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Thanks for the responses
Now I am trying to think how using critical results or called shots might apply. Again thank you both, your responses have been very helpful.