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Some extremely OCD person went and statted up all of the main Futurama characters in Eclipse Phase. http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?469937-Eclipse-Phase-Let-s-Make-Some... This is what happens when you CC license your game. You've been warned. ;)
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Novelty Charsheets
That reminds of of the time a friend put together stats for Spider Jerusalem and The Smiler. Still need to figure out how to work them into a campaign…
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I needed to give some thought
I needed to give some thought over how well things fit together before commenting. I don't know if the characters are better or worse off in Eclipse Phase. In Eclipse Phase, you can die frequently and come back the next day. Hell, some mad scientist might be willing to try some experimental flash cloning tech that might have some "unpleasant side effects". Of course death never stopped Futurama before. And there were horrible things in Futurama that could happen to you that didn't require that you die. In Futurama, they flew around finding dangerous and unpleasant things far off in space, but in Eclipse Phase, it has some horrible things that can make collecting WMDs seem like a healthy hobby to have. As for the translations, the guy has managed to translate some characters reasonably well, and keep some of the humor in.