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New player LFG on-line / pbp / or whatever

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New player LFG on-line / pbp / or whatever
I am brand new to Eclipse Phase, but I have played a lot of D&D (Advanced, 3.5, 5e). I am more of a Sci-Fi nerd than a fantasy nerd and am dying to get into an EP game. Expectations: I am currently in a Roll20 D&D game that has been going four months now. I would be up for doing a game like that and in that case I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico (Mountain Time). I would really like to try pbp, though. I like the idea of having an ongoing game you have to think about and make decisions about every day. My preferred rp game is heavy on rp. I like exploration, investigations, comedy and then, of course... explosions. Big friggin' explosions. I am an avid video gamer who plays the games primarily for the story. I started getting into table top rpg's because I was frustrated about the quality of the stories in video games. Although, they are getting better and have in the last 10 years become really quite complex and dramatic, they are still (by necessity) a story on rails. One doesn't really have any great impact on a video game story outside of what was written for the possible choices your character can make. Since I have gotten into table top rpg's, I have become addicted to the communal sense of creativity that exists in this world. I am also an avid reader and have always been intensely interested in post-apocalyptic stories. I like this one even more than the usual stories of the genre because of the existence of hope in this universe. People are scarred by the loss of earth, but they exist in a living world and are moving on. Anyway, I would love a chance to join a game of EP.
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Where are you geographically?
Where are you geographically? If you are in eastern Massachusetts, there is an Eclipse Phase game currently ongoing.
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I am located in Albuquerque,
I am located in Albuquerque, NM
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I know this is a super late
I know this is a super late reply. I just showed up here to recruit for my PbP game I'm running. Check out http://dicefellowship.org. I'd love to get you into the game. Tet