Armor & Exoskeletons

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Armor & Exoskeletons

Can you wear these together without suffering layering penalties, or are they incompatible?

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Most combat exoskeletons and

Most combat exoskeletons and hard suits allow up to 4 armor to be worn underneath them without penalty. Others allow armor to be worn freely, as vehicle armor isn't part of stacking armor.

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I'd say so, I think it

I'd say so, I think it depends on the kind of exo/armour though.

My party recently equipped themselves with the lightest kind of exo (I think it's either in Core or Gatecrashing), in order to mitigate the penalty for being on a high-gravity planet for a few sessions, I described them as like the exos from the most recent COD game. I allowed them to use them in addition to their (quite heavy) combat armour.