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GURPS Transhuman Space as the past of Eclipse Phase?

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GURPS Transhuman Space as the past of Eclipse Phase?
Has anyone tried linking these two settings? The earth-dominated solar system of TS with some modification wouldn't look that different to Eclipse Phase's pre-fall history. If perhaps more politically stable.
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Where can you get this RPG? I
Where can you get this RPG? I don't seem to recall seeing it anywhere on DriveThruRPG. I get the impression that it was never offered there. I'm hoping it can be found one DriveThruRPG as I don't like moving to a new store to pick up just one book.
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I had forgotten about
I had forgotten about transhuman space... I will have to pull it up and read it again.
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You will probably have to get
You will probably have to get it from Steve Jackson Games. They have their own site for selling their pdfs. It used to be e23 but I think they rolled it into their warehouse 23 site though. I may be mistaken on that part, it's been a while since I got anything from them. William
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I have a physical copy, just
I have a physical copy, just dug it up again last night. The first link I found for it is on SJ games own website: http://www.sjgames.com/transhumanspace/
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So only there? I keep trying
So only there? I keep trying to find it places that I already buy from, but I can't seem to find anywhere but Steve Jackson Games. This is something that I have looked into a few times in the past few years. Thanks guys for confirming that is a place that I could go to get a copy.
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I've always been partial to
I've always been partial to EP being the logical future of Cyberpunk 2020. Many of the settings elements dovetail together nicely particularly the megacorp dominated world, beginnings of mind uploading, and establishment of large colonies in space. I'm mostly unfamiliar with Transhuman Space as it came out in a RPG lull time for me ... that ended right around 2009 if I recall.
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looking for a hard copy?
try noble knight games. also check and see if you FLGS can order it for you maybe?
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I assume that TS was just EP
I assume that TS was just EP -20 years with slightly weirder politics, like a bizarro world [AU] sort of thing. I love me some TS, it is what got me into transhumanism and memetics, and when Eclipse Phase came out way back in 2009(? that's when I found it), I was like "oh cool! a scarier version of Transhuman Space, awesome!"
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I love this idea!
I love this idea! I did a game in the late 2030s, and a buddy did another game in the same continuity ten years later, and it's totally heading for an Eclipse Phase style fall... though the survival of the Sicilian mafia in light of a nuclear attack (I won't lie - my character intercepted sub-launched ballistic missiles with a killsat he bought selling ads on youtube videos of mob revolts; God rewards those who roll criticals in a pinch!) might have interfered with the canon timeline. Otherwise, we were already seeing the beginnings of scum culture, hypercorp domination of national governments (who launched the nukes, you might ask? A senile Japanese arms company CEO!) and mind uploading was canon, crude, and generally consigned to background detail. I'd be tempted to continue this continuity into an EP game where at least a few of our old Cyberpunk characters persisted as uploads, cyborgs, and NPCs. Alas, my next game will be out of my control, but if it was me running it, we'd totally be taking a running leap from my Cyberpunk 2020 campaign.