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Assembled Environmental Stats?

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Assembled Environmental Stats?
Has anybody assembled the environmental stats for the different solar system habitats? Like, stuff like pressure and temperatures and oxygen content and stuff. I get numbers from certain augmentations, but I don't know what to compare them to. Any help on this front is appreciated!
MrWigggles MrWigggles's picture
I would suspect most of them
I would suspect most of them would be about identical. Though there would probably be trivial difference to the atmo mixture. But I would suspect its mostly nitrogen, and o2 and co2. The thing that would change the most would probably be gravity. I can only think of a few locations where the temperature would be that much different. The primary habitat around the sun. I would suspect, its on average much hotter then most habitats. I suppose it would also be notable if the station was submerged.
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Titanian habitats run a lot
Titanian habitats run a lot colder than usual because it is more efficient. And space habs could run all sort of temperatures and the like.
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