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Filter Support Required

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Filter Support Required
FROM: PROXY TYR TO: Any Filters familiar w/Mars I have an urgent need for a cover-up for an Erasure Squad. Sentinel:Athena cell uncovered exsurgent psi outbreak in a small dome station of Yaoming, a refuel/rest station for terraformers 4 hours drive East by Southeast from Ashoka. Population approximately 205 morphs, Scanner on location successfully dropped a blackout on the site to coincide with a dust storm. Sentinels extracted Scanner and actionable intel. Erasure:Caryatid cell killed all exsurgents and witnesses, as well as stacks. In the meantime I am caught in a bind with my Server's Filter(s) cell currently engaged. Suggestions to spin this unfortunately little massacre away from Firewall, what sort of flag do we stick in it? I suspect Oversight will soon be on the same trail as my Sentinel team in regards to a larger network of radical Barsoomians and their connection to a Minifacturing Shop in Yaoming that was a front for an illegal Petal grow-op. Blame the Triads? Does anyone have an org prepared to take the blame/credit with plausible cause? Gratitude for any help. Further details upon request, OpSec permitted.
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[EyeNet Log In: Cassandra]
[EyeNet Log In: Cassandra] [Access Level: Portents] I think we can get oversight to work for us on this. this was merely a hypecorp take over that got out of hand. A Microcorp was developing some new bioweapon, a larger corp decided to take over the company forcefully and caused a containment failure. fortunately the micro had set up automated flag protocols to bringing in an oversight containment team. casualties total amongst the corps while the containment team is currently undergoing quarantine indefinitely.
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[Eyenet Log In: Fixer]
[Eyenet Log In: Fixer] There is a comet currently inbound for terraforming purpose in the next 23 hours. It could be diverted to nuke contaminated site of evidence and potentially hazardous material. This may however raise further alarms as it is scheduled to crash further north.
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