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Asyncs in the Jovian Republic

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Asyncs in the Jovian Republic
So how do you think Asyncs would do in the Junta? I know they probably wouldn't be widely known to exist, and they'd probably be considered threats by the government, but I can see bioconservatives being more comfortable with psi than other things, because it's more easy to rationalize as a product of the human spirit or a higher power or whatever. Also, I could see the republic being willing to maintain small secret squads of authorized Asyncs, like Sanctioned Psykers in W40k.
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well asyncs are actually not
well asyncs are actually not typically known to exist and those in the know know it to be caused either by titans or the exsurgant virus. jovians would probly kill them on sight.
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A campaign about a bunch of
A campaign about a bunch of Jovian asyncs would thus be very hard to distinguish from Paranoia.
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In my current Jovian campaign
In my current Jovian campaign, all transhumans are targeted, and asyncs are particular threats that are dealt with on the spot. I tied this into a companion campaign of Firewall, where Firewall has been dealt with an increasing number of failures to even infiltrate the Republic within the past year, and it's getting much worse.
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I while ago I had proposed a
I while ago I had proposed a Jovian async as an exsurgent detector. They would live in relatively luxurious isolation at a customs checkpoint in exchange for keeping the Republic clean of the infected. Kind of a "Man in the Fullerene Mask" on the occasions they're allowed to walk around- in sealed armor with an escort. Otherwise, I think the existence of exsurgent is a top level secret of the state and any infected are aggressively dealt with. Firewall may even assist them in this matter to keep the control group clear.
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The Jovian republic public
The Jovian republic public stance about Async is simple, they're not humans but exurgents threats that should be eliminated inmidiately for the public good of the enture humanity and transhumanity. On the other hand the jovians dont follow this a general rule, instead they keep some of them for their own inteligence services in the same way they experiment with AGIs and techs like that while keeping everyone else out of such things. Thats because they don't really reject technology, but say that it should be better in a fewer and more controlled hands like soldiers or workers in dangerous zones like Jupiter or Io. But, if there is an async in the Jovian republic the interesting thing is when it became infected. I can understand that if you're into the Jovian military fichting anarchist terrorist and raiding outposts that think they can defy the Jovian space its more probable that you can ecounter the virus and get infected, so we can expect secret and periodical brainscans to determine if a certain soldier has been infected or not, but a civilian? Its ridiculously difficult to get infected since the jovians keep everything under stricts control and if they got an exurgent threat they will erradicate it fast even if they confuse the exurgents for normal people, so getting infected as a civilian should an adventure itself.