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bug reports
Put 'em here. If you want it fixed, let us know your OS version, and please provide a description that would allow us to retrace your steps & reproduce the bug. I've locked the other bug-related threads. Thanks for the enthusiasm, but please don't create any more.
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Lifeparth Bug
OS Win7 64bit SP1; create new Life-Path Character ...experienced two types of crashes... 1. Step 9, no matter which option I pick at the random table, it crashes. 2. Step 3, if I pick an option which requires adding a trait, I get a crash.
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Transhuman life path
Step 12 crash, once a selection is made the program crashes. Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit SP1
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Kommando wrote:Step 12 crash,
Kommando wrote:
Step 12 crash, once a selection is made the program crashes. Windows 7 SP1
I duplicated this one. Win 7 64 Ultimate SP 1 or 1 or latest
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digging into the data.txt file all the data is plaintext. I can also see the d% dice rolls are in there so random generation looks to be a future feature. you can just edit the file if you want to change the text.
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step 3 life path
in step 3 when you choose a youth background, if you do not fill in the skills and hit next the popup says "please choose a valid childhood" instead of saying please fill in the skill descriptions.
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Mac OS X 10.9.4 Mavericks
When doing new Lifepath character, no matter what options i choose, in the first 11 steps, when in step 12 i select any option just. crashes. Mac OS X 10.9.4 Mavericks
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Linux Lifepath Bug
OS Ubuntu 14.04 LTS; Create New Life-Path Character 1. Final step, picking the Firewall event, and it crashes no matter what I select. [b]Edit:[/b] Ok, so I went over to test this on another laptop I have running Ubuntu, and I tried to make the same character. Same thing happened. But then I went through the Life-Path method choosing completely different options, and when I got to the Firewall step, I was able to select an option and move forward. So I think something about the first character I made was causing the crash? Like, some combination of options didn't gel together well? Oh, further thing: I have had zero problems making Package or Standard chargen characters, so this seems to be a bug restricted to Life-Path.
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Ego Hunter packages
the Ego Hunter focus packages have some errors on the granted skills. Ego Hunter 1 has a skill of 30 in skill 30. Ego Hunter 3 and 5 has 50 in an undefinable rep score in the Review and Finish Character page, moxie is misspelled moxy. gear list does not include Plasma Cutter from Gatecrashing p.159
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A couple more mistakes in the gear section.
Kinetic ammunition doesn't show up under the weapon filter. Reactive rounds are priced [High] instead of [Low]. Synth-armour is described as replacing innate armour, instead of increasing it.
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Less a bug, but more of an
Less a bug, but more of an annoyance: I tried to do the Lifepath and the default button is "Cancel", which is annoying, since i'm very used to pressing Enter to get to the next menu. That way i manually had to redo everything. I don't know if i am in a big demographic here, but it would be great if pressing enter just brings you to the next step instead of cancelling the while Lifepath.
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OS: Windows 7 and 8
OS: Windows 7 and 8 When choosing Background: Original Space Colonist and Faction: Scum with both giving Free Fall, only a +10 is applied to the skill. Interfacing however seems to add +20 if chosen for both background and faction.
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OS: Windows 7 and 8
OS: Windows 7 and 8 The 10.000 credits of the hyperelite background are not included. There is no extra credit.
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OS: Windows 7
OS: Windows 7 When editing the data file, new skills added after creating a character can not be chosen for this old character. (Tested for SKILL|Nano Programming|COG|TECHNICAL|false|||||) They appear in blank, new characters however. New traits seem to work, tested with positive trait (From Arenamontanus: PTRAIT|Artistic Vision|5|Ego|NONE|NONE|FALSE|FALSE|The character has a real creative vision, that spark that distinguishes the merely skilled craftsperson from the genius. Note that this trait does not imply any bonus to the artistic skill itself: Many talented persons never learn how to properly express their visions. It also does not guarantee that others will recognize their genius or even like it. But for those who actually know and appreciate art, works done by the character will have that something that is truly valuable.||||||||).
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OS: Win 8
OS: Win 8 More of a grievance than anything, but I think you should have the option to choose Infomorph as your starting morph regardless of whether or not your background allows for it. :P Having to take Second Skin just to select an Infomorph is sort of silly.
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We fixed the lifepath crashing issue and will be pushing the 1.0.2 build shortly (tonight or maybe tomorrow). Since that's the only fatal error we currently know of, we're going to take subsequent releases slow, shooting for another maintenance release in about a month. Of course, no battle plan survives contact with the exsurgents. :)
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Morph Positive trait missing
Rapid healer is absent from positive traits
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Missing free morph enhancements
OS: Windows 7 There are a couple of free morph enhancements that consistently fail to show up on the Gear tab when a morph containing them is selected. The missing enhancements are "Bioweave Armor (Light)" and "Neurachem (Level 1)". There may be others that I haven't noticed yet. This bug appears to be due to a mistake in the data.txt file. The GEAR entries for those two enhancements use the names "Bioweave Armor (Light)" and "Neurachem (Level 1)". In the MORPH entries, the names of those two enhancements are misspelled as "Bioweave Armor: Light" and "Neurachem: Level 1". Fixing the spelling of the enhancement names in the MORPH entries so that they are consistent with the GEAR entries corrects the problem.
Kurt McMahon
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spelling error in singularity
spelling error in singularity seeker social stigma trait: Traitor is the proper spelling
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"random" events
All the events in the lifepath char creation lacks randomization buttons, and the Firewall Event is not optional as it is written on his title.
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Singularity crashes
OS: Mac I used the life-path generator. Here are the steps I did. 1) Wholesome youth 2) Created not born 3) Lost: Disturbed Child 4) Filled in Academics and Profession boxes 5) It brought me to step 9. 6) I put in Defined by your actions At this point, the program crashes.
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Blacklist keeps
Character save file here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0nFccfy9X5XZVJueFY3dGpDc1E/edit?usp=sh... For some reason I keep ended up with the blacklist trait, even after removing it and then saving the character and reloading it. I can't figure out why this and assuming it's a bug.
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lets adapt wrote:
Character save file here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0nFccfy9X5XZVJueFY3dGpDc1E/edit?usp=sh... For some reason I keep ended up with the blacklist trait, even after removing it and then saving the character and reloading it. I can't figure out why this and assuming it's a bug.
Same here.
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Missing Augmentations for Fury Morph
The Fury morph's Bioweave Armor (Light), Neurachem (Level 1) are missing augmentations. In addition the Muse is missing as free. When these were added to the character I was building there was a cost for each.
Inspiration from: Know Evil Identity Crisis
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Skill softs do not seem to
Skill softs do not seem to apply to the generated character sheet. Ammunition lacks page citations. Plasma burst is listed under general ammo and reading the rules text seems to say it is seeker only.
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Choosing the Uplift background automatically gives you "Social Stigma (Uplift)" contrary to the rules.
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Singularity And Norton
Norton is flagging all the files as malware, and deleting them. No other antimalware things are flagging them. I assume it is norton?
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Its norton. Purge norton form
Its norton. Purge norton form your system and get AVG
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Skills and PDF
When you create the pdf of the character sheets, some skills appear wrong. Like Art skills using SOM, Academics using SAV, etc. The numbers are correct, only the text is wrong. Something like: Profession:Military Ops SAV. As others said, the Fury morph's lacks some augmentations, like Bioweave Armor (Light) and Neurachem (Level 1). There are others minor's erros. Like descriptions, etc.. In the book the Battle Suit has a Armor Value of 21/21, not 18/18. Some Traits are also missing, like Rapid Healing. There are also some rules problems. In the book it saids that the Augmentations don't count for the purpose of Maximum Aptitude:
"Some implants, gear, psi, and other factors may modify a character’s natural aptitudes. These augmented values may exceed a morph’s aptitude maximums, as they represent external factors boosting the morph’s ability. No aptitude, however, augmented or not, may ever exceed a value of 40." EP 124.
But in the software, the augmentations are included in the Aptitude Maximum. Anyway, sorry for any english mistakes.
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Counting Negative Traits
Two bugs I've noticed on both Windows 7 SP1 and Mac OS 10.9.5 1. Negative Traits from Backgrounds seem to count against CP Gained on Negative Traits after saving a character and reopening it. I have tried this with multiple backgrounds and the problem is consistent. 2. Negative Morph Traits aren't counting in the overall CP gained from negative traits.
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Gear bug
Typo with Sniper Rifle : Railgun, shows damage as 2d10+6. In the books, it's 2d10+8 for the normal kinetic sniper, and +4 (total 2d10+12) when the railgun version is chosen.
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Temperature tolerance is not
Temperature tolerance is not free to remades informorph if picked for morph free ego traits are doubled
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I haven't seen these reported in this thread yet
Shaper morphs are not coming with Gait Masking. It looks like this is caused by mismatched case on the Gait Masking entry -- in the data file the 'm' is lower case on the augmentation, but the Shaper entry refers to it with a capital 'M'. Reflex Booster is listed as Moderate cost category, should be Expensive.
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Lifepath Crashes
Win 7, 64: Choices: Survivor, Split Youth, Silver Nanoswarm/Disturbed Child - Crash on selecting any Faction-package Combination.
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I get this one as well on
I get this one as well on Windows 8.1.
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Packs Generation Errors
A couple of errors I've run across recently with Pack chargen (all duplicated in Win 7 and Win 8.1): Lunar 1 background gives Social Stigma (Uplift) Ego Trait. Before you can finish Packs generation you are forced to replace one Active Skill with a Knowledge Skill; weirdly, this Knowledge Skill can have a blank Field. Characters who get Psi 2 from Packs can't use their free CP to buy Gamma Sleights. This problem can be solved by unclicking and reclicking the Psi 2 checkbox when spending free CP. Packs characters apparently get a free Aquanaut morph, since they come out of the Packs generation process with an Aquanaut and 100 CP to spend. Packs characters apparently have no morph restrictions; anyone can get a Remade and Lost can get any morph they want without clicking the Second Skin trait.
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Windows 7, getting weird
Windows 7, getting weird aptitudes listed with knowledge skills. The bonuses are correct, not the listed aptitude: Academics:Physics COO 30 60 0 60 Academics:Nanotechnology SOM 35 65 0 65 Academics:Xenotechnology SOM 40 70 0 70 Academics:Mechanical Engineering SOM 30 60 0 60 Academics:Xenophysiology WIL* 20 50 0 50 Academics:Exotech SAV 30 60 0 60
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Missing Plasma Cutter
Missing Plasma Cutter equipment.
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Backup Insurance and Muse
Backup Insurance and Muse still cost money, even though they should be free for standard characters.
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I also can't find the final
I also can't find the final list of how many credits my character have on the final character sheet.
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biosculpting isn't available
[s]biosculpting isn't available for purchase.[/s] Is bodysculpting, mea culpa.
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Mental Disorders
The field is cleared for mental disorders when you reload a character
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When I reload the character,
When I reload the character, it keeps adding the Major Blacklisted trait (win7).
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I have no idea how
I have no idea how specializations are supposed to work. I pay CP to add something to the field, but the skill stat stays the same. I'm not sure if the listed skill is with or without the specialization (I believe it's without, but it doesn't show the number in parenthesis like it should).
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No Faraday Armor mod
No Faraday Armor mod
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Weapons should automatically
Weapons should automatically come with Smartlink and Safety Systems automatically (p. 337, 338 of EP).
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Jovian background skills do
Jovian background skills do not include Unarmed Combat.
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Can't do combination-type
Can't do combination-type ammo, so for instance, Homing Armor-Piercing. You have to buy each quality separately. Also, ammo has no quantity associated with it.
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No support for transhuman
No support for transhuman factions and backgrounds.
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nezumi.hebereke wrote:No
nezumi.hebereke wrote:
No support for transhuman factions and backgrounds.
They should be in there mixed in with the core book backgrounds and factions.
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kindalas wrote:nezumi
kindalas wrote:
nezumi.hebereke wrote:
No support for transhuman factions and backgrounds.
They should be in there mixed in with the core book backgrounds and factions.
Sufi Nomad doesn't come up when I looked.