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Introductions for new players

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Introductions for new players
I have some players who wanted to get into a play-by-post on the IC Chat, but before they introduce their characters in the Cast List, they wanted a proper hello first. They can post here if they want to say anything! Mod Edit: Moved to IC Talk Forum
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Don't worry, no one here's going to gamma fork your helpless backup and turn you all into call center agents. Yet.
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*a door creaks open and in
*a door creaks open and in walks, well.. what most pre-fall cultures would call a.. dragon... Well.. if dragons were made up of plastic and metal and servos* o.==.o? *the creature speaks* H.. hello? Is this the right place? *he takes a seat in the room, his form slightly larger in height than an average human, around.. 7-8 feet or so* *he looks from side to side, curiously examining all the entrances and exits for signs of other party-members*
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*Comes on in and joins the lineup* . Well, I guess I may as well introduce myself as well. Hi, I guess?
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*turns towards the newcomer
*turns towards the newcomer and looks at you, eyes zooming in and examining your morph with a bit of curiosity* o.==.o? And who might you be?
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*peeks into the room*
*peeks into the room* A-am I in the right place right now?
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Yes you are. Thank you for coming!
"Still and transfixed, the el/ ectric sheep are dreaming of your face..." -Talk Shows on Mute
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well we kinda have a thread
well we kinda have a thread for this already but welcome anyways :P http://eclipsephase.com/den-introductions-general-socializing-thread
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[This is just kinda a way we
[This is just kinda a way we could 'get into character' and introduce ourselves to each other XD]
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I'm on. So when are we going to start? I think we've all put this off for far too long.
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http://eclipsephase.com/future-and-it-doesnt-work right here, Cross. Sorry about the forum's email going into your spam, forum emails do that usually.
"Still and transfixed, the el/ ectric sheep are dreaming of your face..." -Talk Shows on Mute