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A couple of inconsistencies I noticed in the playtest rules that would be nice to have cleared up. 1. The Adaptability trait (page 26) gives you a bonus to Integration and Alienation actions. Right at Home (bottom of page 27, running onto 28) lets you ignore Integration and Alienation rolls. But as per the resleeving rules on 51, having to cope with Integration and Alienation is based on temporary aspects, not rolls. 2. The effects of Heavy armor on medium lethality damage are inconsistent between the text and the table. In the text, severe and high lethality damage are reduced by two steps and medium is reduced to low. In the table, medium is reduced to none. I know in general, assume the text is right and the table is wrong, but as this is a playtest document I figure it's at least something to point out for adjustment if the packet is updated.
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I'm running through char-gen
I'm running through char-gen with a group at the moment, and we've stumbled across a similar inconsistency: On p. 40, Bioweave Armor is listed as a Morph Stunt that gives you Light Armor. On p. 58, it's listed as being an Aspect that provides no armor. But based on the listing for the Fury morph on p31, it'd be a Morph Trait, specifically a Tag?