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Got a message from Titan Culture Ministry

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Got a message from Titan Culture Ministry
Fathom {Info Msg Rep} I recently received this. I had my muse do some searches, and it seems legit. I already sent an acceptance, but has anyone heard anything about this? Where should I avoid? What kind of stipend should I be expecting? Has anyone been contacted about this, or have any other ships gone out? (Dictated to and edited by Muse)
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Karsten Harris {Info Msg Rep} As per §PR 8866142, "Petition to Establish a Microcorporation For the Promotion of Outer System Cultural Exchange", the Alþing has established our organization with a threefold mission of promoting Titanian art and culture throughout the Outer System, cataloging media and scientific data throughout autonomist space and promoting harmony and understanding with our autonomist neighbors abroad. In pursuit of these objectives, you and your vessel, the Small Lander and Orbit Transfer Vehicle "Kanaloa" have been randomly selected from a pool of available ships to be given the following offer: In exchange for providing intraorbital transporation to a randomly selected group of small crew of randomly selected citizens, citizen-applicants, guests and circumtitanian inhabitants, you will be provided with a copy of the completed Outer System Cultural Exchange Database upon the completion of your mission. This is a completely voluntary and limited time offer; if you refuse or fail to reply within 72 hours, an alternative selection will be made to replace you on the trip. Should you accept, you will be required to attend a brief instructional seminar held at the Titan Autonomous University in Aarhus City at 12:00 local time, January Third of AF 10 , either in person or via telepresence. The next local day, conditional upon your continued acceptance, your crew will be transported on board of your ship to embark upon your trip. From there, you will visit with a selection of autonomist habitats, visiting with each and learning all that you can about their customs, media, scientific advances, history and artistic practices. A comprehensive database of Titanian media has been provided for exchange, to include digital copies of music, art, sculpture, poetry, prose, simulspace designs, educational material, scientific data and other important cultural records from Titan. This will form the basis of the aforementioned Outer System Cultural Exchange Database. As with all microcorp efforts, a kroner stipend and/or citizenship credit hours will be provided for eligible participants!
(This is the campaign hook for a game I recently joined, looking for some insight and interaction from other EP players to get a feel for it.)
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Stipend Clarification
Karsten Harris {Info Msg Rep} Hullo, again! To clarify, the kroner stipend offered is the standard Moderate Stipend of 100 MicroKroner per Standard Saturn Day, ie. as much as a new SmartVac suit, one month of private server rental or the latest Momo Von Satan XPs, you know, the one with the milk. Not that you could personally purchase any of these things with them, of course, Kroner are strictly to be used to reinvestment ; ) (E; OOC: I am the GM for Fathom's campaign)
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About Kroner
((Slight note to begin, Kroners CANNOT be spent on anything, you won't do your groceries or buy nifty gadget with them, you can only invest them in State-approved microcorp. Effectively, getting paid in Titianian economy is simply giving you additional voting power as you can allocate more funding to a group you support. Being a new (Gift) economy, there is no money proper, citizens are allocated a stipend of energy and material to nanofab/purchase anything they need in their daily lives, generally calling in favor or teaming with others to go for alrger projects PS: Orbital Landers would probably not be choosen for long range movement, they usually only go from planet to orbit or they stick to the orbit of the same planet)) [Mesh ID: Sorin Dalca, Titanian Police] Hello there. Payment seems rather decent at roughly 1700 Kroner a week or so. The first thing you want to check for is the Bill proposition itself, check for any loop holes and see it is genuine. The second thing to check is who's in charge; who proposed the bill and who is going to direct the expedition, see if you can find anything you can about them, any problem they've had or shady dealings. Quite a few people have tried making props and then run with the goods, others tend to give you an excuse and then bring you to a dangerous ops. Check the security of the whole mission, diplomatic and artistic group doubtfully need more than nominal security, but I've seen research group that packed reapers and Fury morph. Also see where you're scheduled to go, if you're bound anywhere near Iapetus I'd worry.
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All really good advice.
All really good advice. Thanks, I will definitely look into all that. {Dictated to and edited by muse} (The fact that the ship is an orbital lander is actually an IC thing, and is mostly just a bit of registration magic, and we knew about the Kroner thing, at least OOC)
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Regarding the Itinerary
Karsten Harris {Info Msg Rep} Hullo, again, again! We've not entirely established the list of habitats to visit (the route-planning AI is still planning the most efficient route, and there's some discretion of the crew involved, as to be explained during the seminar) but I can definitely confirm that the first leg of the journey will involve [i]only[/i] circumsaturnian destinations. Plans have been made to continue on to the Trojans and Rimward from there, but I'm not authorized to give details on the hows and whens of that just yet, at least not on a public mesh board. Needless to say, any travel outside of Saturn's orbit will involve docking with another ship. Only a brief stop in orbit around Iapetus is planned, with absolutely no landing on the moon's surface! Perfectly safe, I promise.
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[Mesh ID: Sorin Dalca] This does bring the question of why use a ship at all when ego casting would be far easier and cheaper than the necessary reaction mass to hop from one place to the next. Are you planning on acquiring and bringing anything back?
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Karsten Harris {Info Msg Rep} Hullo, again^3! While many forms of art can be fully appreciated over the mesh, many Titanian specialties such as Hulder Methane Sculpting and Kulstofbyen-style Sushi cannot be truly appreciated except in person, and do not respond well to being nanofabricated on site. Even an XP of someone eating a bite of Aarhusian Undercod at a diner in Oulu is not quite the same has having some prepared in person by a live chef and eaten in your own home. Is this a hint that we may be recruiting a few specialist artists to give live performances at visited habitats? Officially no, but I'm not denying it either! Furthermore, it is only polite that our representatives abroad not unduly tax the feedstock reserves and nanofabrication hours of the habitats they visit by producing art objects for display and morphs to sleeve into. Likewise, several biological exhibits which are to be brought along are unsuitable for nanofabrication in any reasonable amount of time, such as the Nyhavnese Bonsai-Conifer and the majority of our morph art. Indeed, many habitats simply lack the facilities or resources to grow a new biomorph to arbitrary specifications, or store a tank of live fish at all. It is far better for to bring our own where feasible. As for whether anything will be brought back to Titan: We'll see! Although I would never presume to speak for our hosts, an area in the storage docks has been set aside for any gifts they might choose to provide. I hope this answers your questions, Sorin Dalca!
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Fathom {Info Msg Rep} Whoa whoa whoa, I thought you said "Randomly selected", so which is it? Were we picked due to artistic ability, or off a citizenship roster? {Dictated to and edited by muse}
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"Well Lookie Here"
Hey there friend! Looks like I'm gonna be one of the passengers on your fine vessel. Gotta say I'm looking forward to this. Never been randomly selected for anything before now but it sure is exciting! Especially a trip like this one, I'm all about seeing new things and meeting new people. Gosh I can't wait to meet whoever else signed on for this.
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[Mesh ID: Seyit Karga]
[Mesh ID: Seyit Karga] @Sorin Dalca That is an excellent question. The answer may lie in another question: what advantages does a physical ship offer? The obvious one is equipment beyond morphs and egos, such as say, sensors. A vessel doing a discreet sensor sweep of the region under a politically acceptable cover is a plausible explanation.
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[Mesh ID: Sorin Dalca] That would indeed be a very convenient method to do so, can also help to stash gears for a later team or just sneak in stuff. Having worked in security just about everywhere outside the Junta in the years after the fall, I got to see a lot of these. Morphs are hard to tell the difference between a socialite's wear and a customized death-dealing morph without going with in depth scans (Which are poorly viewed in social circles) Proteans nanoswarm can do some neat shit with a little imagination, I once worked on a job where someone transformed the weird-ass sculpture-art thing (I have very little appreciation for modern art) into an explosive compound with the outer casing serving as a sharpnel bomb. You'd be surprised by how much you can make with simple elements like hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and the like. Even without being creative, it's easy to scrounge whatever plastic, metal and volatiles you need to make weapons from easy to acquire every-day products.
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Any chance of visiting Meathab?
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Login Location: Nyhavn-Aarhus
Login Location: Nyhavn-Aarhus Maglev, Titan, Saturnine System @-List ID: AssassinAnna2113 Sounds like an interesting journey. Good luck! You may need it. Putting a bit of thought into it, it occurs to me that one of the best ambassadors for Titanian art, culture, and progress, would in fact be our local signature morph, the Hazer. If you have any time before departing and any @-List pull, I'd actually suggest you try to pull strings and get some Hazers to either trade or make gifts of to habs, especially ones with their own signature morphs. You might want to consider looking not for, or not [i]just[/i] for, a handful of off-the-rack Hazers, but ones that have been lived-in, loved-in, and have been modified by their owners, show off that they're not all tragically samefaced elves. Other than that... Make sure you take someone who knows how to make a good smörgåstårta and smørrebrød, because of course the first thing everyone thinks of when they think of Titanian is Scandinavia. Then mix it up with some kielbasa, a New York-style pizza or a Philly cheesesteak, and some poutine, to remind people that no, Titan is [i]not[/i] just Space Scandinavia, it wasn't even [i]before[/i] the fall, and it sure as shitterling isn't now. Data storage is cheap as dirt, so you might also want to consider taking along forks of the most popular MMVRGs on Titan. Personally, I can endorse heartily that you take a copy of [i]Assassins 1715[/i], though I am admittedly biased in that about 7.5% of the entire game world is my doing. After all, everyone loves a good game with lots of freerunning and freeshanking, right? Good luck, and have fun on the Scum Swarms, you lucky bastards.
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