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Eclipse Phase for Stars Without Number

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Eclipse Phase for Stars Without Number
So my group is not very, let's say, adaptive. Options scare them, and no offense to EP, but trying to get them to learn a new system is like pulling teeth. So instead, I present the beginnings of a hack of Eclipse Phase and Stars Without Number, tentatively called Black Stars Rising (Yes I watched True Detective). http://pulpwood.blogspot.com/2014/03/stars-without-number-eclipse-phase.... There is the basics of character creation. With that, you can start playing basically as a Flat. The next biggest thing for me to conquer is the Morphs, adapting them through the Transhuman Tech rules. I've heard about conversions that you should "convert the setting, not the rules," so I intend to add as few chunky rules elements as I can to this conversion. I still don't know if I'll convert gear, considering sci-fi games generally have a lot of overlap, but I feel this early character creation is sound! I'd love to hear what you guys think and so on. I'll compile the whole thing into a PDF once I declare it "done."
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By coincidence, I just today
By coincidence, I just today read Kevin Crawford's Other Dust, which made me think of post-Fall Earth. Good luck with the conversion, and I hope to hear more about it soon.
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