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A personal question.

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A personal question.
I REally realyrealyrealy wanna play EP. I want to play bad enough that I'm thinking about going and sitting at a table at my FLGS with my EP book and offering to GM a game for anyone who might be interested. I'm not exactly a social butterfly LOL so this is way outside of my comfort zone. In addition to that I'm 35 years old and not the most attractive fellow you could want to meet. So my question is this: How freaky is it to see an old guy sitting in a game store trying to start a F2F RP game? Especially considering that the average age of the patrons has to be somewhere under 20. Actually sitting here writeing this it sounds like a really bad idea. Probably I'm not going to do this but tell me what you think anyway. Thanks.

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Re: A personal question.
It depends on what the local store is like. I have two stores near me (south of Seattle) where I could try this, and one would go over much better than the other. With the first store, you have to keep everything 'family friendly' and it's so busy with RP, CCGs, and minigaming (lots of tables) that it'd be hard to keep attention focussed. At the second one, I could only pull it off if I had mini armies of Exhumans vs. Ultimates - fully painted, of course - ready to do battle.
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Re: A personal question.
An alternative would be to talk to people in the shop and arrange to meet them elsewhere for a gaming session. Or talk to the owners and leave notes on a billboard/flyers. Even better: are there no roleplaying guilds or associations in your area with a presence on the internet? Perhaps we are spoiled in Sweden, but even the tiniest spot on the map has an RPG group often looking for new members. Personally, I can think of few worse places to play RPGs than game shops. But as a last recourse, why not? There will be plenty of gamers, if nothing else :)
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Re: A personal question.
I agree with s_g about getting to know the owner/manager/employees in your local store. They can give you a lot of help getting something started. I know that when we were playing Shadowrun "in store," the owner was happy to have us there because we were a huge group that sold a lot of SR books for them. And that led to other books being sold to the same players. I think three points of advice that cannot be overlooked by anyone who wants to be socially successful and yet all too often are: 1) Be present and cheerful, not sad or glum. Melancholy people don't make friends. 2) Be neat and clean. We've all heard the "cat-piss man" stories, and nobody is looking to be that guy. 3) Be nice. Rude people don't make friends easily. I am NOT saying these apply directly to you, just that they seem like good general advice that get overlooked all too often.