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Synthmorph pain filter - optional?

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Synthmorph pain filter - optional?
From page 143 of the Core Rulebook: Pain Filter. Synthmorphs can filter out their pain receptors, so that they are unhampered by wounds or physical damage. This allows them to ignore the –10 modifier from 1 wound (see Wound Effects, p. 207), but they suffer –30 on any tactile-based Perception Tests and will not even notice they have been damaged unless they succeed in a (modified) Perception Test. Key word here being 'can'. Might seem like a foolish question, but is this something they can turn on and off at will, or something they're stuck with? My interpretation is that it is triggerable, but I'd like a second opinion.
Re: Synthmorph pain filter - optional?
I say you can't turn it off. It appears as though is was designed to balance the benefit with a downside, and if you can just turn it off whenever you want, what's the point of balancing it? I agree, though, that the wording sounds a lot like you can just turn it on and off.
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Re: Synthmorph pain filter - optional?
I had thought it was something they can trigger at will, one of the benefits of being synth as opposed to some of the problems (like clanking masses).
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Re: Synthmorph pain filter - optional?
I'd definately go with optional.
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