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Any "attack of opportunity" / "interception" rules for melee combat?

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Cyber-Dave Cyber-Dave's picture
Any "attack of opportunity" / "interception" rules for melee combat?
Does Eclipse Phase have anything like the attack of opportunity rules (often used in a game like D&D) or interception rules (found in SR 5e) for melee combat? I thought I remembered reading one somewhere, but then I went looking for the rule today. I think I am getting the rules from two different games confused, as I could not find the rule I thought I remembered. Is it hidden somewhere, or did I have a "whoopsy" moment?
OpsCon OpsCon's picture
There are none to my
There are none to my knowledge. In some ways, it would help with the supremacy of guns. In others, it would add a level of complication to an already complicated game. I'm torn.
Leodiensian Leodiensian's picture
I think the closest thing
I think the closest thing there would be to a melee attack of opportunity would be holding your action to strike at something when it comes near you. OpsCon is right in that adding it would just make things a bit more complicated - it's one of the things that always made combat in D&D and Pathfinder a bit of a chore for me.