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Population Density

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Population Density
How many people could you cram into an arcology? Like if you wanted to fit 100k people into barracks-like rooms, how big would the building have to be? How do you estimate how much volume is needed per person? How do dome cities cram so many people into them? I remember reading about that Fa Jing city on Mars that has like 350,000 people - are most of those folks living in the dome or are they in little habs or something on the outside? Thanks.
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OK, so unfortunately I cannot
OK, so unfortunately I cannot find my sources at the moment, and so my numbers might be rounded off slightly (or completely wrong). I remember reading in a paper on space station habitation that you need ~50m^2 of projected area and ~800m^3 of volume for each inhabitant. However that is without any agricultural needs being met. Oh, here it is; Space Settlements: A Design Study. http://www.nss.org/settlement/nasa/75SummerStudy/Table_of_Contents1.html Specifically the Human Needs in Space chapter.