Player in CT LFG in CT/NY/MA/RI (also interested in local Convention Meet-ups)

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Player in CT LFG in CT/NY/MA/RI (also interested in local Convention Meet-ups)

I am 20 year gaming vet who is willing to travel a little from the Hartford area for good, reliable meet-ups for Eclipse Phase. I have only played once recently at GenCon but, really liked the game and excited to play with others into EP. I might have other willing players to drag along. I am pretty tolerant and don't stir up much drama but, prefer other mature personalities for a wide a range of adventure directions. GM is not a strength or preference but, I tend to be pretty supportive of working to have a good game.

Travel will dictate my availability but, my schedule can be pretty flexible. Carpooling possible.

Alternately, I am an occasional attendee of local conventions between NYC and Boston and north. Perhaps, there is a way to gather EP fans for a lengthier gaming binge at a convention or central locations that welcome gaming.

CarnageCon - VT in Nov.
AnonyCon - Stamford, CT in Dec.
TotalCon - MA in Feb(?)
TempleCon - RI in Feb.
ConnCon - Stamford, CT in March
DexCon - NJ in July
ConnectiCon - CT in July
Many others

LFG in New England

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In Connecticut

Hey, I'm also from Connecticut and I'd love for there to be some local games. I remember there was someone posting about maybe holding a game in Manhattan (somewhat) recently, but they seem to have dropped off the map. Beyond that, I haven't heard of much happening locally; so, if you hear of something and need an extra player, please let me know.

Normally, I'd be more than happy to dm, but I don't feel comfortable enough with this system or setting, partially because I have basically nill experience with it, to make that offer.

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I'll keep shaking the tree

I'll keep shaking the tree and see if a local GM falls out.

LFG in New England

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I know of a group up in

I know of a group up in Beverly MA which could use a couple players. Reply to this thread and send me a PM if you guys are interested!

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