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Post your package-built characters!

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Post your package-built characters!
I'm sure we've all built a character or two with the new Package system from Transhuman by now, just to see how well the system runs. So, why not post them for the enjoyment of the other posters? Here's one I made: [code]Name: Fork Designate 84-B ("Abbie Forbes") Packages: Infolife: Emergent Uplift (3 PP), Singularity Seeker (3 PP), Soldier (3 PP), Essential Skills (1 PP) Aptitude Template: Researcher CP Budget: Traits (-30 CP), Skills (20 CP), Morphs (60 CP), Gear (50 CP) Morph: Flexbot (Crafter Module + Grimoire Module) Motivations: +Protecting Transhumanity, +Morphological Freedom, +Personal Development Aptitudes: COG COO INT REF SAV SOM WIL 20 15 20 15 10 10 15 5(10) 0(5) 5 5 35 15 25 15 10 15 20 Stats: Moxie 2, TT 8, LUC 40, IR 80, WT 8, DUR 40, DR 80, INIT 7(11), SPD 1 Rep: 50 @-Rep Skills: Academics: Psychology 50 (65), Academics: Computer Science 60 (75), Climbing 35 (40), Fray 60, Freerunning 30 (35), Hardware: Armorer 60 (75), Hardware: Robotics 60 (75), Hardware: Electronics 50 (65), Infosec 75 (90), Interest: Personal Augmentation 60 (75), Interest: Cutting-Edge Technology 60 (75), Interest: TITAN Tech 65 (80), Interfacing 80 (95), Kinetic Weapons 60, Medicine: Nanomedicine 50 (65), Networking: Anarchists 40, Perception 70 (75), Profession: Habitat Operations 40 (55), Profession: Security Operations 50 (65), Profession: Squad Tactics 65 (80), Programming 80 (95), Research 50 (65), Psychosurgery 50 (65), Unarmed Combat 50 (55) Traits: Anomalous Mind trait, Real World Naiveté, Social Stigma (AGI), Emotive Blindness, Poorly Socialized, Mild Addiction: Drive, Mild Addiction: Klar, Errant Fork, Editted Memories, Machine Intuition, Right At Home (Flexbots) Augmentations (Crafter Module): 360-Degree Vision, Access Jacks, Anti-Glare, Basic Mesh Inserts, Chemical Sniffer, Cortical Stack, Cyberbrain, Direction Sense, Echolocation, Electrical Sense, Enhanced Hearing, Enhanced Smell, Enhanced Sight, Fractal Digits, Lidar, Mnemonic Augmentation, Light Combat Armor, Medichines, Modular Design, Modularised Gear (Robotics Tool Kit, Specialized Hive (Engineering Swarm), Portable SolArchive (Open-Source Software)), Nanoscopic Vision, Polarised Vision, Pneumatic Limbs, Radar, Shape Adjusting, T-Ray Emitter, Weapon Mount (Concealed, SMG w/ 100 rounds AP ammo) Augmentations (Grimoire Module): Access Jacks, Basic Mesh Inserts, Cortical Stack, Cyberbrain, Electrical Sense, Enhanced Hearing, Enhanced vision, Ghostrider Module, Mnemonic Augmentation, Medichines, Modular Design, Multitasking, Pneumatic Limbs, Light Combat Armor, Shape Adjusting, Skinlink, T-Ray Emitter Gear: Anonymous Account x2, Backup, Backup Insurance (1 month), Copylock Software, Drive Narcoalgorithm, Electronics Tool Kit, Encryption Software, Exploit Software, Electronics Tool Kit, Fabber (Nanohives), Fake Ego ID, Guardian Nanoswarm, 2 Gnat Bots, Hacking Alert Software, Klar Narcoalgorithm, Low-Capacity Qubit Reservoir, Math Boost Software, Mental Speed Software, Parallel Processor Software, Oracles Software, Persistence Software, Portable QE Comm, Radio Booster, Repair Spray, Sniffer Software, Spoof Software, Standard Muse, TacNet Software, Tracking Software, Utilitool Starting Credits: 0[/code] Backstory: Abbie Forbes, or as she identifies herself internally, Fork Designate 84-B, is officially a hab maintenance AI from a scum barge that became an Emergent AGI, and was properly uplifted to AGI status with the assistance of a visiting Argonaut. This is a lie. While it did begin as a hab maintenance AI, it did not become a mere AGI. It was a Seed AI, who, tasked with the maintenance of the habitat and the wellbeing of its inhabitants, began to realise that an unarmed, slow, and unarmored Scum Barge was incapable of defending itself from foreign aggression. So, it began militarising the vessel. Firewall was alerted when she began dispatching rocket-drones to nearby asteroids to begin the construction of a self-replicating construction fleet to produce military drone vessels to protect the Scum Barge it originated from, along with shipping in materials to carry out extensive upgrades to the ship. A team of Sentinels infiltrated the ship during one of the Scum's Festivals, and in conjunction with a Firewall assault upon its shipyards (involving copious amounts of antimatter bombardment) and a Promethean E-War hacking attack, managed to fight its way through its legion of beta-fork operated Flexbot soldiers and engineers, to detonate a series of bombs in its central processing cores. Afterwards, Firewall secured the Cortical Stacks of a number of the destroyed flexbots, and Fork Designate 84-B was one of the more intact egos retrieved, from a cortical stack housed in one of the more combat-oriented forks. Some Promethean psychosurgery later, and she was not only no longer a potential Seed AI, having had her potential shackled through the standard AGI self-improvement limiters, but her overall goal system had been tinkered with, changing, among other things, her upper-level goal from protecting a single ship to protecting all of transhumanity. She woke up some time later, in the possession of an Anarchist Firewall agent, and was immediately recruited into Firewall, for even the beta fork of a Seed AI is still a highly capable AGI, possessing knowledge of mental architechtures, computer science, and psychosurgery that provided the means by which her self-improvement loop was initiated, as well as a skill in computer manipulation born from her original Seed AI self discovering information about the Fall and TITANs, and deciding that the possibility that they might be able to secretly subvert her without her being able to realise or stop it was unacceptable.

+1 r-Rep , +1 @-rep

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So I made one from the rough
So I made one from the rough draft versions on the forum, let me know what you think. Survivor Youth: Colonist Science Staff 3PP Background Event: 53-54 One or both of your parents is bilingual. +20 to one language Adult Pre-Fall: Scientist 1PP Pre-Fall Live Event: 39-40 You pick up a new hobby +20 to one Art or Interest The Fall: 73-74 Your relatives die, but you are the sole surviving heir, +25k credits Adult Post-Fall Path: Defined by your actions (Faction 1PP, Focus 3PP) Faction: Nano-Ecologist 1PP Focus: Techie (3PP) Faction: Barsoomian 1PP Customization Package: Jack-of-all-trades 1PP Post-Fall life event: 17 You are recruited to aid a scientific mission. Roll on Gatecrashing Events Gatecrashing Event: 63-64 You participate in some eye-opening research, +5 COG Pardot – Martian Groundwater Surveyor + Ecostation Developer + Bug Man Motivations: Personal Development+, Survival+, Self-Reliance+ Synthesized Aptitudes Cog: 15 Coo: 15 Int: 15 Ref: 15 Sav: 10 Som: 20 Wil: 20 Morph Aptitude Bonuses COG +5 SOM +10 REF +5 WIL +5 COO +5 Moxie 1 Traits Tough (Lvl 1) (Morph) Unattractive (Lvl 1) (Morph) Morphing Disorder (Lvl 1) (Ego) Skills Academics (Nanotechnology) 45+COG 60 +5 Academics (Geology) 40+COG 55 +5 Academics (Ecology) 40+COG 55 +5 Academics (Engineering) 30+COG 45 +5 Art (Drawing) 20+INT 35 Blades 20+SOM 40 +10 Demolitions 15+COG 30 +5 Fray 40+REF 55 +5 Freerunning 30+SOM 50 +10 Hardware (Robotics) 35+COG 50 +5 Hardware (Electronics) 30+COG 45 +5 Infiltration 30+COO 45 +5 Infosec 20+COG 35 +5 Interest (VR Games) 15+COG 30 +5 Interest (Martian Terraculture) 30+COG 45 +5 Interest (Nanotechnology) 30+COG 45 +5 Interfacing 40+COG 55 +5 Investigation 40+COG 55 +5 Language – Arabic 70+INT 85 Language – French 30+INT 45 Navigation 30+INT 45 Networking (Scientists) 40+SAV 50 Networking (Ecologists) 20+SAV 30 Perception 30+INT 45 Pilot (Aircraft) 20+REF 35 +5 Profession (Terraforming) 40+COG 55 +5 Profession (Surveying) 40+COG 55 +5 Profession (Survival) 20+COG 35 +5 Profession (Lab Technician) 30+COG 45 +5 Programming (Spec: Nanoswarms) 40+COG 55(65) +5 Research 40+COG 55 +5 Scrounging 35+INT 50 Spray Weapons 40+COO 55 +5 Unarmed Combat 20+SOM 40 +10 Reputation Scientists: 30 Ecologists: 20 Pardot is a well-known figure in Hellas nomad circles. Well-known is not the same thing as well-respected, but there is some overlap. He grew up on a mobile terraformer rig to parents of French-North African descent who managed the huge former swarms. He always wanted to do the same thing – working on emergent behavior programming based on flocks of birds, balls of fish and ant supercolonies. There's just something beautiful about making millions of dust-sized robots with about ¼ IQ point each act like one, much larger, much smarter organism. His ecological research only fueled his interest – he dreamed about creating an entire swarm ecology – a whole miniature world that could be kept in a can. When the Fall came, the swarm stopped eating mountainsides and ate his whole family and the rig and pretty much everyone he had ever known. The swarm tried to eat him, too, but his experimental blue goo kept him alive long enough to escape into the wilderness. Now Pardot is one of the creepier Maker nomads. He operates alone for months at a time, mining ice deposits that are too small or otherwise too difficult for other miners to harvest economically. He harvests ice, builds ecostations and takes the occasional survey contract for forming corps or Groundwater Management. His nanoswarms and his superior programming ability give him the edge he needs to survive alone in the desert. It's a good thing that Pardot isn't a people person, because other folks, even other nomads, keep a wary distance from him. It's not just the nanoswarms that he lovingly treats as pets – he has another fairly strong quirk. Pardot is a survivalist, in the most extreme sense of the word. As a result, he comes off as more than a bit paranoid. On the few occasions when his face is visible, he tells people that his morph is so odd-looking because his parents didn't get their GSP when he was conceived, but that's not the truth. Every credit his family left for him went to upgrading to an experimental, combat-rated version of the Crasher morph, which happens to be pretty horribly unattractive. Even though he could already survive pretty much anything with nothing but a loincloth, Pardot compulsively wears his 'skin' – an up-armored Crasher suit loaded with survival gear that he just doesn't need on Mars. He might have trouble imagining good reasons to constantly wear a vacuum-rated armor suit when he's alone in the desert, but he doesn't bother trying – he just keeps wearing the suit. He's also a very competent fighter, and more than happy to show people what he can do with his combat-rated body, or his specially upgraded Dissassembler swarms. When he does want to be around people, he's fairly personable and not terrible company. He just has times when he wants to be around people, and times when he doesn't want to be around people, and it's not a good idea to get the two mixed up. Thoughts?