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Implant Damage

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Implant Damage
Does the combat/damage rules for EP cover damage to implants? Or just overall damage to the character?
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Nope, there is no separate
Nope, there is no separate implant damage. Augmentations in EP live on a very fine line between bio & cyber, and they're assumed to be so thoroughly integrated into the character's morph that they're effectively part of the body. Most are self-healing and powered off the character's metabolism. The rules do draw a line between bio & cyber for purposes of determining which augmentations can be used in synthetic vs. biological morphs, but beyond this there's no difference. Damage to implants may be considered part of Wound penalties. When a character heals, so do their implants. Those'd be tournament rules, anyhow. We of course encourage GMs to narrate implant damage as characters accrue wound penalties. Describing the involuntary muscle spasms or augmented vision that keeps flickering back and forth between visible light and IR in a wounded character adds flavor. And you can always have fun using implant damage or malfunctions as a plot device.
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I'm actually kind of glad to hear that.

While there are all sorts of preferences in terms of level of complexity, I tend to be on the lighter side of the scale - robust enough to take care of most situations, but not enough to get in the way of the story.
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Ditto, but it's good to hear
Ditto, but it's good to hear it officially.
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This game seems to give a

This game seems to give a lot of opportunities to be that descriptive.