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Who do these wretched Barsoomians think they are?

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Who do these wretched Barsoomians think they are?
*Brought to you lovingly by the foul mind of Molotov* **Signal Location Encrypted** Now before I begin I would like everyone to know that I am aware many of the clanking masses understand their obligation to fill their part of their contracts. My best friend's maid, Guadalupe, her entire family works dutifully to pay off their debts and one of them has already done so. (Guadalupe is a woman's name right? I can never tell those morphs apart.) This transmission is not about them. Unfortunately there is always some Barsoomian stirring up anger among the indentured servants. I don't understand what they expect. The Hypercorps pay for a morph out of pocket and provide them with a job that they can use to reimburse them for the morph. The system is a blessing for many unfortunates confined to meshspace and in need of bodies. The gene treatment is just a precaution to protect Pathfinder and Fa Jing investments. The only reason they would be so upset because they wanted to steal the morph outright. Do they expect to be given a free body for nothing? I had one of these unfortunate individuals in my care recently. He was mentally unhinged, let me tell you. He fought so hard when they were strapping him down that he knocked over some of the lab equipment and broke two of my nails. He is lucky I have sympathy for the insane. It distressed me to that I had cuddle with my Pariapus (Who most of you know affectionately as the Revolting Cock) and have an assistant fetch the repair spray before I could proceed to edit his psyche. I found out he had only one year left on his contract anyway. I was so happy to be able to help the poor man. Hear he is back to work, docile as a kitten. Soon he will be enjoying his well earned freedom. Now all you little sperm cells out there. I have some great news for you. Negotiations for my next role are almost complete. I can't say much but the title will be 'Grotesqulation'. When you watch it be sure to have a towel ready because you will cum yourself at this mixture of gore, sex, and macro genital cannibalism. With glamor always: Molotov Cocktease
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And I'm sure that was in your
And I'm sure that was in your contract, that if he got riled up you could fuck with his mind and make him like you.
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Always read the fine print.
Always read the fine print. And have your Muse look it over as well; preferably in consultation with a decent legal aid AI. There are some fates worse than cold storage; at least if you get out of that you are still yourself. Unless you happen to be kinked that way, I suppose. It's hardly my place to judge.
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Nice advice. That won't reach
Nice advice. That won't reach the poor schmuck who just subjective minutes ago made it to the front of the line at the ego casting facility on besieged Earth. He doesn't have post traumatic stress disorder because the trauma is still fresh, he's still high strung like a skyhook cable from the fear of some TITAN machine ripping off his head and taking it who knows where. And he just got a glimpse of relief from the bridge doing its thing - and then some pretty AI avatar with a face like an angel and a voice like honey tells him that he's been in storage for a decade along with billions of others, and he's really lucky to get this wonderful opportunity so soon when most wait centuries for it. Would you like a morph in return for just a few years of work? Just sign this 341k char indenture contract within the next 11 seconds. Returning to storage in 9, 8, 7... It's supply and demand baby. The invisible hand of the market is slapping infogees around. Even here on Extropia we don't call what they get a consensual contract, and if any judge were to say otherwise I'd gladly suffer the microtort for propelling saliva in his general direction.
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I hope you realize you're
I hope you realize you're responding to someone who feeds their media presence with controversy. Much as I dislike the Consortium, I have to admit such practices are uncommon even there. Normally you just get a couple decades' worth of busy work dumped on you.
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"No no, it's mostly [i]white-collar[/i] slavery, not the [i]bad[/i] kind..."
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It is what it is. I'm not
It is what it is. I'm not suggesting I approve of the Consortium's policies, but merely pointing out that you are being baited. If you hope to have a reasonable discussion about indenture policies, responding to Molotov isn't the way to go. You'd have more success if you wanted to discuss the ins and outs of certain fetishes.
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Her making money on being a
Her making money on being a dick doesn't mean she gets to be a dick unopposed. But let me gets this straight. She eats dick for a living. Literally. Is that really such a performer-crowded entertainment niche on Mars that they have to compete for fans?
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Fine print. Hah.
Fine print. Hah. You have no choice. it's take a contract or rot. I choose to clank, but they fear the change coming to Mars. Frankly, those that worship the infoculture the Consortium feeds them these days feel they are entitled to a beings mind as right. It's drek, but the only option is to burn them. Burn the root code of this madness out. However the irony is the best living is living well. Back up, fork, don't trust employers. Push for independence. It's the only way. Cut the cord, stop feeding the Consortium rep accounts. Mars must evolve, and we are. Eventually the flesh bags will rot in the cold wind. The people they enslave will replace them. We'll just move on.
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