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Async re-exposed to Watts-Macleod

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Hailspork Hailspork's picture
Async re-exposed to Watts-Macleod
What happens if an Async is re-exposed to the Watts-Macleod virus? A) Nothing, they've already undergone all change the W-M can bring. B) They get sick for a few months, as the virus re-runs its course, experiencing some of the original symptoms, but then it clears up. C) The results compound, making the second infection closer to the Haunting Virus. D) The results compound, upgrading their psi abilities one stage. E) Could be any one of the above, as the GM thinks is appropriate F) Like E, but no guarantee of any one result. Exsurgent Virus is unpredictable I'm looking at running EP and considering scenarios for future events. I didn't see anything in the book addressing it, beyond the fact that Asyncs have a -20 to resist the infection. Also, I know that E is always an option, I'm just wondering if this topic has any more cannon-ish answers.
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I think that nothing special would
I think that nothing special would happen. I think that the virus would infect the person, determine that the person has already been altered, and then do nothing since there is nothing further to do. The person might remain infectious for a while, but thats about it. I don't think that 2 (or more) infections would do anything different than what they are supposed to do.
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possibly allow the async to
possibly allow the async to choose new sleights?
Semper Ubi Sub Ubi!?!
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Ok, that makes sense.
Ok, that makes sense. It does make sense that this would be a good opportunity to buy new sleights (or at most maybe upgrade to psi level 2), but otherwise it wouldn't do anything spectacular.
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There is the chance that the
There's a slight a chance that the character will get cranked up to the third tier, the Psi-Epsilon level of power. Though at that point the player pretty much has to wave bye-bye to their character and hand her sheet to the GM.
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Gate Voices
As asyncs have bizarre experiences as they go through Gates (as in when Gatecrashing), perhaps some extension of this phenomenon is possible. Perhaps they have this experience at any particular waking moment, or occasionally when sleeping. (It wouldn't be all the time or they'd go stark raving mad.) A benefit could be a bizarre power not yet documented in the rules but offset by their increased instability.
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I would shuffle their powers... they lose powers, they gain powers... maybe they go back to normal after a while. Or not. Or maybe their powers continue to shuffle permanently, and they take stress every time it happens. Or they lose their psi powers altogether. Or it becomes part of the plot, and they have to find a cure, and when they do, they have to choose, would they rather have crazy shifting psi powers or no psi powers at all?
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Capitalocracy wrote:maybe
Capitalocracy wrote:
maybe they go back to normal after a while.
Now there's an interesting idea. I think I like almost all of the suggestions, even though they're almost all mutually exclusive. I think it may be best when dealing with unpredictable events like this to keep the outcomes unpredictable; kind of like how travelling through a gate can result in anything. I'm sure if there were a positive outcome with anywhere near reliability, it'd be exploited by both hypercorps and singularity seekers (if you have an async, why not make them a super-async?)