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character creation help

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character creation help
I have a character concept that i want to bring to life in the game, but i can't quite figure out what kind of skills and attributes to give him... his background is that he's one of the last batch of uplifts and pods that were created on a small science outpost on the edge of the solar system. at some point, funding got cut for the station so the scientists left and gave control of the station to the remaining civilians. soon the everything went to shit and my character had to become ruthless and cruel to survive in his new surroundings. from all this he learned that he needed to be both smart and at peak physical condition at all times. He has resentment towards the human race, but knows that they all aren't bad. he's an introvert but will talk to people when it calls for it. he also likes to have the best parts incorporated into whatever morph he's in a the moment. any suggestions?
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Start with the basics and the
Start with the basics and the obvious. What flavor of uplift? If it's fowl then you need flight if it's fish you need swimming If the station is a micrograv or cluster habitat then you'll need freefall If your uplift had legs then boost Free running. Fray, Perception, unarmed combat, A social skill; intimidation or persuasion. You'll probably want to put at least 30 points in each of those so there's 210 CP That should leave you with about 300 to spend on active skills unless you spend a bunch extra on knowledge skills or own a bunch of gear. Then deal with history. What was your character being trained to do before it was forced to become ruthless and cruel? That should use up at least another 60 active and 60 knowledge CP points on training for some type of profession. I'm guessing this might be a kind of 'lord of the flies' situation so you'll be light on networks to access but that doesn't mean there are no networks available in the outer system so you can spend some there. Then pick some things that your character is really good at and you're done. :) Sorry for the generic comments but I don't know much about the scenario. If no one is minding the store why is your character sticking around on this station where he's had to become ruthless and cruel?

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