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House rules

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House rules
Training points: [i]As part of our commitment to growing and training our frontline agents, we are providing a training opportunity customized for your needs. Depending on your choice of skill or aptitude, specialty growth hormones, accelerated VR training or temporary immersion resleeving are just some of the options available. For your customized training, you have xx training points available. They work just like rez points, but can't be traded for rep gains.[/i] I don't like the loss of rez points mechanic on a party wipe; it was the right call story wise for them to blow themselves up; it even was an awesome dramatic moment when they realized there was no realistic way out. rez points are an important reward giving sense of progress and growth. So there, you don't get points reflecting your real life experience, you get some points from your friendly secret society for your next mission. NRA: [i]The Nanofabrication Rentals Association maintains secure weapon storage lockers in most farcasting facilities. You can check in your weapon there and receive a one-time-use blueprint. Said blueprint can be used at select, NRA DRM certified makers to re-create a similar, standard-manufacture weapon. Manufacture does not guarantee ownership or use is legal at your destination.[/i] It's kind of cool to farcast players somewhere where they have to solve the problem with limited resources, but there are limits to when that's still fun. In particular if you have a very gear dependent character like a detective or a soldier. With this house rule they can have a weapon and two or three pieces of gear. Sometimes getting gear is built into the mission.
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My methods
I deal with these in a slightly different manner. I do think your rules are fine but wanted to add my thoughts of these two. [b]Rez points on death[/b], I think it is important for their sacrifice to have weight. You can reward them with other things, increasing rep or extra funding for pulling off the mission. 4000 credits or 40 rep is worth about 4 rez points. You can encourage them to burn the rep to keep it low enough that large rep influxes won't have much of an issue, or spread it among multiple networks. You might even hand them some extra rewards for the following scenario. My reasons for this is it can reward them, but in a more limiting fashion. I keep in mind, an 8 rez reward is less than .4% character growth for a new character (They tend to be worth a over 2075 CP base off my calculations). I don't think it will be much of an issue unless it becomes the default way the PCs deal with scenarios. It really depends on how you and your players want to treat death. Yours is an interesting choice, and I might use something similar. Your fork went on the mission while you were training. I do have a low survival scenario planned, and this should work very well for it. [b]Transferring gear[/b] can be an issue, my plan in my current campaign is I will refund CP for morph and gear. Than after farcasting they will spent it on a CP bought morph, and pick gear fitting the situation and limited by local availability. Unspent CP just hang around waiting to be called upon if they need it. I chose this method because it will allow players to treat the body as a shell easier. I see morphs and gear as tools mainly, and should be treated as transient. I feel locking players to certain choices seems limiting and makes them play less adaptively. You can still play off the limited resources, by limiting choices in morph and gear or how well the 'CP' transferred. "We don't have much resource wise in this area, so you will have limited access. Your full funding should be accessible to you on your next farcasting however. Good hunting." [b]Conclusion:[/b] I think each are important features of the setting, and the key to the vagueness is it allows GMs to make it interesting and varying each time if desired. I do think there are more create ways to deal with it on a case by case basis however. A message of "We know you wanted a slyph morph, but we currently have none available. We do however have an enhanced flexbot ready. You can use this one till we find a suitable replacement for your old morph. Do you want to sleeve into it?" can spice things up. The draw back, it can make GMing harder. I think this topic will allow people to share how they use them, allowing each GM to access to others ideas and give it variety. Thank you for sharing yours.