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Any plans for more adventures or even a campaign?

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Any plans for more adventures or even a campaign?
Premade campaigns can be a huge time-saver to GM. Are there any plans to have any more of those? Bonus points for adventures that can be chained or even a story arc here and there. I'm very serious, I love this game, but so far time investment, both initial learning and session prep, has been staggering. this is coming from Pathfinder - obviously Paizo have regular content releases and grooming GMs down to a science. I didn't care much for their system, but it sure was easier to run a campaign. I'll have to say time > money for me, within reason of course, but $4 for a four hour session module does it easily.
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Yes, we're working on both
Yes, we're working on both more stand-alone adventures and a series of linked adventures. Along with other support material, of course! :)