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[adventure] Jovian gatecrashers in training

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[adventure] Jovian gatecrashers in training
Long adventure for EP with mixed themes (military, investigation, slight paranoia, others), possibly starting point for an adventure / campaign on the other side of the Pandora Gate. Introduction: Players are selected as candidates for gatecrashing expediction - but final selection will be at the training camp. Players - combat trained scientists and engineers of Jovian Republic with some military ranks. [optionally] They are sleeved in military grade splicers with no CP cost (additionaly to normal splicers they have DR 50, +10 SOM and self destruction device), only selected implants allowed. [/optionally] Starting CP may vary according to likings. Camp site: As in whole Jovian Republic mesh is strictly censored. Even PCs are quite restricted in acces to various resources. Camp is military installation, players should taste dry militarism given form, but as higher ranked soldiers they shouldn't be treated with disrespect. Security level is pretty high. Rough story plan: 1a. Arriving at the camp. Introduction to instructors. Training, testing, exams - mostly in VR, which is novelty for PCs - it is Jovian Republic after all. PCs are teamed, there are two other teams. 1b. There is spy/saboteur at the camp - explosion, someone dies. Oficial investigation leads to arrest, but PCs are given hints, that saboteur still acts. Their report to autorities is unheard. They investigate on their own. If they search well, they find clues suggesting, that saboteur cooks something big, but clues are very thin and no one takes them seriously. In the end there comes grand finale - whole complex is about to be blown up and PCs have to evacuate it (or any other finale). 1c. It appears, that whole fuss was another test. All NPCs were actors in it (two other teams have been tested that way already). [optionally] One of the PCs was person playing "saboteur" - if rest of the PCs were really good, they may have caught him in the grand finale. [/optionally] 1d. Players spend two more seasons at the camp, playing against poor new recruits (they are allow to disheart, fool or misleed their victims, but only with persuasion, not adding some out of scenario false clues). There is some downtime between seasons, so each season PCs competes with different teams at the camp. All three scenarios in which PCs will participate should be at least slightly different. While PCs enjoy watching newbies looking for saboteurs, there are still training sessions, exams (often against other teams), etc. 1e. After third season PCs are asked to write scenario for the next "saboteur" (or some more creative trial if they want). Depending on PCs' performance they are scheduled for gatecrashing expedition soon, or they will wait in queue for months / years for their chance. Some possible VR tests (don't forget about formal military briefing / debriefing): a) The other team betrayed us - destroy it. Fight inside building, in jugle, inside spaceship... * there is basic training in Exsurgent Virus only after b) test b) Exurgent infection transforms slowly crew of spaceship. PCs are expected to find out what is going on and put stop to it - or destroy the ship commiting suicide (it may test their devotion to Jovian Republic). c) PCs are expected to retrive item from Exurgent infected faclility. d) Contact have been made with alien race, but one of alien is killed. PCs are expected to negotiate truce. e) Exploration of alien jungle. f) Escape from crashed space ship (or other place) with McGyver methods. g) PCs accidentaly turn on alien security system. They have to figure it out to turn it off - some puzzles. There may be more ruthless tests like mass killing aliens to erase evidence, but it would bring very dark tone to the game.
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Re: [adventure] Jovian gatecrashers in training
One idea, to mix things up a bit once you're well into your campaign: have a new Gate be discovered. On Europa, at the sea floor. For obvious reasons, this will have major impacts on both gatecrashers of all stripes and on the strategic situation of the Jovian Republic.