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New player looking for chat or pbp game

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New player looking for chat or pbp game
EP Experience: None Other RP Experience: Some (Schwarze Auge, AD&D, LotR), lots of live action RP experience though Timezone: EU but very flexible and generally online and available when not sleeping Preferences: I'd like text-based chat but pbp is OK too. Voice might be an option but depends on playing time. Willing to play any type of game. Managed to wrestle myself through character creation (still need a little help to polish it), currently got an Isolate Brinker psychosurgeon/programmer with a background in AI and physics. Is currently an infomorph and occupied with simulspace creation. Maybe it all sounds too good to be true, well it's not. The character lacks combat capabilities and isn't a social animal either, but people might want to have it around due to its nice specialist skills, helpful attitude and the fact that it generally doesn't require compensation for its services. Not only that, but the character has quite a few dark secrets and it also has some rather errr, interesting psychological quirks of its own (7 negative traits), so people are often pretty desperate before they would consider to let this character loose on their brain. But hey, it's free, and it will be nice. Really!
You're wannabe superstars for
You're wannabe superstars for the Starcraft of transhumanity's future. Think Call of Duty or Battlefield only with transhuman technology. That's what we're playing. We're in #X-Com on irc.rizon.net. No maptools, but there will be maps. You'll see, if you join up. You'll probably want to create a more combat capable character, but there's a twist to chargen.