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Transhuman Nightlife

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Transhuman Nightlife
I started wondering about the nightlife in Eclipse Phase, and what it would look like in different polities. There are places like Pavarti and Carnival and other übertranspunk locations with vague descriptions of extreme hedonism, but what do the rest of the people do on their night out? I'd like to put together a thread to sketch out a few nightlife establishments in different parts of the setting. Seedy bars on Mars where players can pick up some information, opium dens on the Moon catering to fliers, whorehouses in the Jovian Republic that officially don't exist, Octomorph entertainment on Ceres, Spartan Runs for the Ultimates, parties in Meathab, extreme skydiving on Venus, strategy game competitions on Bright, narcoalgorithm arcades on the Mesh, mega-raid nights in simulspace games where the NPCs are staffed by indentured infomorphs. What does transhumanity do to entertain itself?
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Simulspace. Keeps the freeloaders out (simulspace account is 1k cred per month). Narcoalgorithm alcohol is free.
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What is the fundamental
What is the fundamental functions of nightlife? As far as I can tell, a few big ones are: * Meeting friends and maintaining existing social networks * Meeting new people * Exchange of ideas and experiences (whether debate, art, gossip or anything else) * Experiencing community * Looking for potential mates * Relaxation and other pleasures (whether food, music, sex or thrills) Many places combine them of course. The British pub is a "third place" that is not home nor work, where people can 1) relax social norms and interact in ways they cannot otherwise do (there is still a social status system going on, but it is local to the pub world - your boss is no longer your boss), 2) maintain a social community but with some options for encountering new people near the bar. An opera is about gaining experiences and some relaxation but also seeing and being seen - status and some ritual plays an important role. In a world where everybody is a Muse command away I expect the meeting friends role to be less important. Still around, since it is nice to do things with your friends, but having good opportunities to meet entirely new people serendipitously becomes even more important. Same thing with idea exchange: can be done anywhere, more fun together, but what you really look for is the thing you have never even heard of. Expect the New Shanghai nightclubs to be wild as the fashion, media, enhancement and memetics people show off the latest ideas and coolhunters ply their trade. I think community is the big thing. People want to belong. Their social networks were broken in the Fall and the world is still scary, so people will want to feel each other, to know others are there. From the micrograv worker pub up at the axis down to the luxury gentlemen's club in the Consortium district, what people really pay premium for is a sense of belonging. Of course, you do not pay credits or rep for it, you pay by participating in the micropolitics of the place. Of course, this is largely theory. *My* idea of a wild Friday night evening is a cryonics conference at a desert resort where I will undoubtedly spend hours talking shop about brain scanning... hurray for the long tail!
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insightful as always!
No, seriously, EP setting wouldn't be as lively without people like Arenamontanus and Decivre! You guys give us the perspective we need to truly appreciate this universe with the 'tranches de vies' (lit. "slices of lives") brought by the adventure vignettes and exposés like this one. Thanks! after watching the second episode of Psycho-Pass (displaying a world where states of minds -read Stress Values in crunch talk- are mesured like reputation in EP, and where potential criminals are considered preemptively guilty and sentenced accordingly), I realized something. Such meeting places could acts like anxiolitics and stress reliefs but could also generate stress in case of exposure to violence, either physical or emotional. Wonder how far away down the progress line are the spimes that could detect the trauma threshold, lucidity and insanity rating in transhumans. Do they exist already? wouldn't be too hard to link spimes with psychosurgical monitors. ohhhh the possibilities!
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Perhaps Bright has these?
Hello all. First comment. Anyway, Given the nature of the many, many brain upgrades that the Bright inhabitants have - and the documented odds that monkeying around with ones brain too much leads to issues- it would not be unreasonable for more specialized spimes and systems be set up to detect patterns and signs of degrading mental states, especially if this system has had time to set a baseline (before a given upgrade, for instance). After that, perhaps Acumenic would license the technology to the rest of the world. There are already psychology expert systems in the game, which create predictive profiles of individuals with standard spime and surveillance data- a natural extension would be ubiquitous psych monitoring.
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Hmm... psychological
Hmm... psychological monitoring and nightlife. I am starting to see a fascinating club idea: Yes, the club looks like any other entertainment place. Indeed, you are supposed to interact with others, buy drinks, dance, plot business or try to seduce people. But the hefty cover charge not only deters the hoi polloi and gawkers, it also covers the mental monitoring. The real purpose of the club is to do a mental health exam on the patrons: as they interact and behave naturally, expert systems and club psychologists monitor them and make sure everything is both enjoyable and that the patrons are mentally healthy. Maybe you get to wear some fun masks, horns or nanodesigned bondage gear that also contains monitoring spimes. If the club detects problems they can intervene. This might be everything from medichines in the drinks tweaking brain chemistry a bit (you did sign a waiver giving them access at the door, remember?) over "therapeutic encounters" - chance meetings with people working for the club engaging you in psychotherapy (although it might look like a really honest chat) to referrals to proper treatment. Other services might be the truth booth, a place for intimate conversations where lying is detected, or Mind Matchmaker Monday where you get to find your egomate. Obvious adventure possibilities might include being worried about the club being used for extracting information or spreading Bad Stuff, but it might also just be a safe and fun place to go between missions. Maybe some PCs might fight for their local psych watering hole not being taken over by Cognite. Or a club contact warning the PCs that something very strange just arrived and wants to talk to them.