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ETA on QuickStart rules...

For those of us not fortunate enough to make it to GenCon, can you give us a rough estimate when to expect the QuickStart rules available online here? Days? Weeks? more?

And while I'm asking, any more concrete estimates on the full book?

Thanks in advance, Raven

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Quick start rules should be up in a few days, depending on how long it takes us to recover from Gencon. As for the book, we announced today it would be January since the book will be in full color.

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Sweet! Thanks! ...and happy

Sweet! Thanks! ...and happy recovery!

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Awesome, I am looking forward

Awesome, I am looking forward to checking them out.

Cheers, Rick

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Hrm, I'm afraid Kylleran may

Hrm, I'm afraid Kylleran may have been a bit hasty in saying a "few days" -- More realistically, all we can say is "soon" at this point. While the text of the QSR is ready to go, the layout design is not, and there are a few things that take priority to it right now -- plus, we're still in the middle of con season, with Dragon*Con next week, and that always slows everything down.

Suffice it to say, I want to get it up as soon as possible, so we'll get it out as soon as we can. Sorry about the miscommunication.

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Are we nearly there yet? ;)

Are we nearly there yet? ;)

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... they are almost

... they are almost there...

I ran across John Snead at the HPL Film Festival just the other day, in between our proper invocations to the Great Old Ones he mentioned in off-hand conversation enough to confirm that they are working themselves crazy and putting out a fantastic product. assured, this is gonna be a fun ride!

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Are we any closer?...

With Eclipse Phase proper already sent to layout, are we any closer to getting the Quick start rules? Or is it still far off in the horizon?

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We're close. The layout guys

We're close. The layout guys are still tweaking the graphic design as they layout the book, and they want the QSR to use the same design, so we just have to be patient and wait for them to finish.

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The meat consumermass is getting confused and restless:

Throw in some tidbits. Keep them hooked.



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Are we likely to have them by next week?

I've been watching the game since I found out about it through looking at the blogs on the Shadowrun4 site, and I must say I'm impressed at intrigued, as are a number of people I've told at my university gaming society. Just curious if we'll have the QS rules within the next week, I'd really like to run EP for the guys there ad don't want to have to wait till our Co in March. ;)

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Sorry, Adam's still working

Sorry, Adam's still working on the EP core book design, and so he still hasn't gotten to the QSR. The core book design is looking pretty effin' sweet though!

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So any news on the quick

So any news on the quick start rules?

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This may be a silly question,

This may be a silly question, but do the Quick Start Rules also include an adventure. Also, is there an full adventure in the pipeline? When I first started playing Shadowrun, "On the Run" was one, and that was the first module I GMed. So I'm hoping something like that is in the works for Eclipse Phase. :)

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The QSR does indeed include

The QSR does indeed include an adventure. We were going to have one in the main book too, but it was cut for space, and is now appearing in the booklet that will accompany the GM Screen instead.

I'm also currently throwing together some scenarios to run at GenCon, and we'll be posting those online after the con.

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That is great news. I'm

That is great news. I'm always nervous about running a new setting (and new rules) on my own. An pre-made adventure is always a good jumping point. Will the GM screen be out a few months after the core book?

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Good to hear. Many games lack introductory scenarios. I hope they explore the many different facets of EP's game universe.

Also, here's hoping the rules are released soon.



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We out to remember to share

We out to remember to share our own adventures and ideas for others as well. I've seen this done in "Hollow Earth Expeditions" and "Unhallowed Metropolis" and it really does create a veritable fount of ideas and concepts for all:)

...and if it's one thing that it looks like EP is promising is a LOT of interesting ideas...

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That's a great idea GregH. I

That's a great idea GregH. I remember making one or two posts on the shadowrun boards looking for ideas. I got a few hits back, but it would be nice to have a place were you could post your own works (1-2 paragraph ideas, or even full fleshed out adventures) for Eclipse Phase. I wonder if there might be anything in the works for future Eclipse Phase projects similar to the Shadowrun Missions.

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Hello everybody

I'm new on this forum. I discovered this site and the game this month, and i'm very interested in.
So, like everybody, i'm waiting for the QSR and the book !
I'm sure both will be very good. SR4 was amazing...

Salut !

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Much like Coyote, I just found out about this game last week and I am very excited to see it. I look forward to reading and playing your finished product! Good luck!