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[Wikileaks] Jargon Dump

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[Wikileaks] Jargon Dump
So, Wikileaks' latest infodump includes a PDF file filled with spycraft jargon. Although the credibility and seriousness of the file is clearly in question, it makes a fun read, and quite a lot of it could be easily pulled wholemeal for interactions with EP Orgs. Firewall, Oversight, Ozma. It helps that the file is written with a tang of sarcasm. Courtesy of the rpg.net forums; Hosted on Wikileaks (No politics in here regarding the dump, kk?)
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Re: [Wikileaks] Jargon Dump
That is quite useful. There are other sources of tradecraft jargon, but they tend to be old-fashioned and/or fictionalised: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tinker,_Tailor,_Soldier,_Spy#Tradecraft_jargon http://www.themasterofdisguise.com/glossary.html http://www.intelligencesearch.com/spy-codes.html