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Robots, Skills and Aptitudes

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Robots, Skills and Aptitudes
All, I'm still new to EP. I'm setting up my first Mission and I am planning to use a few robots. I do however have an odd question and my search-fu is failing me... When a robot is listed as having a skill of 40, is that the final target number or do I still add in the appropriate aptitude? For example a Sentry Bot (Gatecrashing p162) is listed as having Perception 40, and all AI have an aptitude maximum of 20 (EP 3rd&1 page 331), so for the sake of this question we will assume an INT of 20. Does that mean that in order for the Sentry Bot to succeed in a Perception Test it needs to roll 40 or less, or does it need to roll 60 or less? Thanks.
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Re: Robots, Skills and Aptitudes
Given skill numbers are their total skills, including aptitudes. Unless otherwise noted, AI have aptitude scores of 10. In your example the Sentry Bot would have to roll 40 or less.