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Skills and Aptitudes Revamp.

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Skills and Aptitudes Revamp.
As a core idea, I really like aptitudes. Unfortunately, when you get into the details of how they work, I have some issues. The way morph bonuses are applied after skills are bought, the way caps work, encourage some weird strategies, like having low ego-based aptitudes, buying skills to max, then applying morph bonuses to get maximum effective skill without hitting the aptitude caps. There are effectively three different flavors of aptitude (Ego, Morph, and Enhancement) that have slightly different rules and effects. I don't like the complexity or the implications of the rules. So talking it over with my gaming group, we came up with the following house rules. Skills do not start at aptitude. They start at Zero. You buy skills at 1CP per point up to 40, and 2 CP per point thereafter. Skills are capped at 60. Skills receive a bonus when used equal to the appropriate aptitude. Therefore your total is Skill+Aptitude. Skills imparted by skillware do not receive the aptitude bonus. Aptitudes start with your ego scores. You may not purchase an aptitude for your Ego higher than 30. Then add morph bonuses, implant bonuses, and temporary bonuses like drugs. Then compare to the morph's aptitude maximums. If the aptitude is above the morph's maximum, then reduce the aptitude to the maximum. No aptitude may be higher than 40, regardless of total bonuses. Exceptional aptitude maybe bought as a morph trait for 10 CP. This raises the morph maximum to 40 for that aptitude. Having the trait as an ego trait gives you a max value of 40 for that aptitude regardless of morph. Some high-end morphs already possess this trait for certain aptitudes. As a general rule, If a morph has a +10 or higher bonus to an aptitude, it also has the exceptional aptitude trait for that aptitude for no cost. What do you think?
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Re: Skills and Aptitudes Revamp.
One thing that should be noted about aptitudes is that they have either of two advantages. Either they are tied to some secondary trait (WIL to your mental health stats, INT and REF to your initiative, SOM to your melee damage bonus), or they are tied to a large cluster of skills (INT and COG are tied to all knowledge skills, SOM is tied to every melee skill and many athletics skills, COO is tied to every ranged attack skill, SAV is tied to all social skills, REF is tied to all piloting and chase skills... pretty much everything except WIL fits this bill). This grants certain advantages to having a high aptitude that simply taking the skill won't grant. Having a high aptitude allows you to default on skills you aren't trained in far easier. So having a high aptitude has benefits that go beyond simply raising skill points. Plus, buying the aptitude often gives you savings with regards to skill points, since you are paying the cost of 10 skill points to potentially raise the value of more than 10 skills by 1 (especially if there's a field skill involved, or a collection of exotic skills). I agree though, the three-tiered system for bonuses is a bit confusing. I honestly believe they should simply combine morph and enhancement bonuses so that a character's ego aptitudes beyond the aptitude maximum don't help, but the morph bonus amplifies up to 40.
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Re: Skills and Aptitudes Revamp.
Personally, i just don't like ego aptitudes. I'd prefer skills just defaulted to say 20(15 would be mathematically the same, but 20 is cleaner.) and the aptitude bonuses from morphs work normally. There's a few wrinkles from the aptitudes that deal with mostly derived values but there but nothing too major.