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Mr. Warai's Most Excellent Amusement Hour!

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Mr. Warai's Most Excellent Amusement Hour!
In the days before the Fall, as transhumanity seemed immortal and bodies easily replaced, suicide sports became an increasingly popular phenomenon. Extremely dangerous or outright lethal sports were more and more mainstream, until the Fall caused a sobering that caused transhumanity's attitudes towards death to become much more solemn. That was ten years ago, though, and some have moved on. Maybe not everyone, but enough for people like Warai to make a profit. On Extropia, a place with no laws save consent, there is a market for those willing to cater to the worst in humanity; a hunger for the difference from the norm that surreality brings and access to the voyeuristic pleasure of seeing people commit normally heinous acts. Mr. Warai's Most Excellent Amusement Hour takes on the style of traditional Japanese variety shows, using the charisma of Mr. Warai to tie together the various segments. In each episode, contestants are invited to contend against one another in bizarre competitions of arbitrary difficulty and structure to win credits or prizes. The games consist of everything from playing ping-pong naked in a meat freezer to a violent free-for-all in a pit of jello to eating ten pounds of jello from the pit used in the previous game, and every point in between. There are those who would call Mr. Warai exploitative and cruel. Few contestants out of the many that enter get any prizes, though the rewards for those that do succeed are often notable (a high-class morph or enough credits to live comfortably for a few years). The show also covers medical costs and resleeving expensive for those killed on the show. Reversible death is fairly common in some of the games. Mr. Warai himself is an excitable and agile comedian who has heavily modified himself to enhance his stage presence. He has custom modifications implanted in his rather handsome sylph morph, which has had to undergo nano-repair with great frequency due to chemical imbalances. Several glands throughout his body constantly produce stimulants. [b]Plot Hooks[/b] -One of the contests is rigged! No, it's not cheating; the contest has been rigged as a trap. Perhaps it's an assassin trying to send a public message, or perhaps it's an Exsurgent using the gameshow to expose hundreds of people to the virus (or even expose viewers en masse to a basilisk hack). Either way, it's bad news for someone, unless it can be stopped. -Mr. Warai is burnt out. He can't take it anymore. Constant exposure to stimulants has left him with hypomania, and it's only getting worse. He is always "on", and he wants out. He's willing to turn over the position and all its wealth and prestige to anyone willing to assume the role, and to pay plenty to those who are willing to help him do so... -Who wants to win some credits/rep!? Mr. Warai's Most Excellent Amusement Hour always needs new contestants. Victory on the Extropian show can get a lot of fame rep and a good prize for the savvy contestant.
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Re: Mr. Warai's Most Excellent Amusement Hour!
Scriptwriters and game designers are constantly scouring the habitat for ideas. Many are desperate for coming up with a new hit entertainment for the show - the next Human Pong or You'll Bet Your Grandmother! that will go viral. As the PCs do their unrelated nefarious business a scriptwriter sees it on a camera feed and turns it into a game...