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Diasporæ - An Alternate EP Setting

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Diasporæ - An Alternate EP Setting
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Re: Diasporæ - An Alternate EP Setting
root@Diasporæ [hr] Mmm, such tasty, potentially flammable, topical argument bait. Challenge accepted. I had a lengthy debate over g+ with a friend over the various Occu-π(x) movements and their development of ad-hoc consensus-making social structures. This discussion quickly degenerated into such delightful phrases such as "tyranny of the masses", accusations of swizzling Ayn Rand's and Nietzsche's flaccid cocks, and some good back and forth ranting about direct democracy and anarchism. After this rancorous and venom-filled argument in which individuals' parents' occupations in long-standing cultural professions with pejorative subtexts were pointedly questioned, we decided to call it a tie and get a beer. The unanswered question is whether or not direct democracy can be developed and implemented in the US, at what levels of the social decision making process, and whether removing the electoral college system would instantly drop the country into the grubby paws of violent anarchist cannibals with ugly teeth. How do you feel about it ([i]en garde![/i])?
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