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Flexbot missing equipment?

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Moracai Moracai's picture
Flexbot missing equipment?
So, Flexbots have those fancy fractal digits. By reading the equipment section, I see that to gain the bonuses from those, one has to have Nanoscopic Vision upgrade too. Is this intentional that Flexbots should have to buy an upgrade to utilise the tools they have been given straight off their morph? If it is, I find it a bit funny.
Vargone Vargone's picture
Re: Flexbot missing equipment?
well they can still use the digit to manipulate objects they just need the nanoscopic vision to get the SOM bonus. In my campaign they have to pay for the vision upgrade. The main advantage of the fractal digits is their flexability over a regular hand or other manipulator, because they can split and bend you can get them into tighter areas.