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Environmental Seal = Vacuum Seal?

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Environmental Seal = Vacuum Seal?
Hi all, just wondered what your view is on this debate: Does the Environmental Sealing + Air Supply provided by heavy combat armour function allow the wearer to survive vacuum? One of my players thinks that environmental sealing isn't necessarily intended to be good enough to survive vacuum, since the item in question doesn't specifically mention vacuum use, just 'harsh environments'.
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Re: Environmental Seal = Vacuum Seal?
on the contrary, why would a cheap vaccuum suit be able to stand up to harsh environmental conditions like overpressure, heat, cold, or wind? environmental suits may be sealed or not, depending on the envionment they are made for. they may stand up to underpressure or vaccuum, or not. its all pretty much a GM call, based on what environment the suit is made for. surely though, general purpose versions exist that can do both.