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RPG.Net thread on "hard-sf spacecraft"

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RPG.Net thread on "hard-sf spacecraft"
Interesting thread popping up on RPG.Net regarding Hard SF spacecraft. With Egocasting spacecraft are not as emphasized as they may be in other Transhuman games... still the topic of their care, feeding, and appearance will probably come up so I thought this would be good to leave around...http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?t=442593
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Re: RPG.Net thread on "hard-sf spacecraft"
Greetings everybody! First post. If you are looking for nice original ships pictures and with deskplans (sometime), I suggest you to go to the Cortex rpg unofficial web site. Of course all the stats are for Cortex, but it is possible for you to convert these if needed with the approval of their owners. http://cortexsystemrpg.org/index.php Btw, I am considering starting a game with the EP system. Although, I am no good at number crunching and if someone create ships with stats (maybe from those of that site) I am taker! Good day!