Various questions regarding character creation

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Various questions regarding character creation

Hi guys!

It seems that finally I'm gonna start GMing a game of EP. Today my players made an early draft of their characters, and in doing so already produced some interesting questions.

If one of the characters is of the "Lost" generation he starts with the Psi lvl 1 trait, right?, It doesn't say anywhere which lvl of "psi" a Lost starts with beyond that he starts with "psi trait".

Also, if he starts with Psi lvl 1 and wants to buy Psi lvl 2, how many points does that cost?, the full 25 or the difference between lvl 1 and 2, ie 5?

The last one is a bit weird, this player wanted to play a neo-avian, but at the same time something like the "lost" generation. Seeing that he only wanted it for background reasons and not really to accumulate bonuses, for the moment I have allowed it, he has the lost background but the neo-avian morph. The rationalization is that there could have been side-projects within the "lost" generation which used less traditional transhuman minds for ethnic variety or even as a sort of side-experiment or backup. The logical thing would have been for him to have a futura-like body in neo-avian form, but if designing it is a real hustle I can just say that he did grow up in one of those but that the body was unstable and that he recently ditched it (the neo-avian morph is not so hot for a full blown psi, so I see no problem with him having it) just as a regular "lost" character can ditch his futura morph and get a generic splicer or whatever just as soon as the game starts.

Thanks in advance guys!

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Re: Various questions regarding character creation

i think its supposed to start with psy2. its been discussed around here before, and they seem to have equivalent disadvantaes to balance out / qualify for psy2. if they did start with psy1 and upgraded to 2, they would end up with an extra-large number of mental problems.

neo-avian could be just a morph if you were born as something else, but its intended to be an entire background package. you grew up in a certain kind of body with a certain kind of brain, and have advantages and disadvantages related to that. i dont see any reason not to layer those things with the Lost package, as you say. certainly shouldnt hurt anything.

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Re: Various questions regarding character creation

The consensus in my group is that lost characters start with psi level 2, as the sample character has two disorders and Psi (Level 2). Not much to go on, but it works for us.

The second skin trait is exactly what a lost generation character would take in order to get a neo-avian morph.