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Human Black Box

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Human Black Box
This originally started as a campaign; however, when my group fell apart, I was left with the story and little else. Well, I took that story, did some tweaking, and turned it into an ongoing series of posts over on my blog. The basic story so far for Human Black Box is this: The main character's name is Chloe. Chloe wakes up in a Reseelving facility on Earth, with no memory of who she was before this. She's instructed by an entity calling itself a Promethean Seed AI, named "Antares", to somehow find her way from the Resleeving facility in Flagstaff, Arizona to the Groom Lake facility, just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada, where, she's told, some of Antares' people will be waiting for her. Antares hints that there's a reason he brought her back, and there may be more to Chloe than even she knows. However, for Chloe - and the friends she makes along the way - the mechanizations behind the curtain don't matter. She's on Earth. What matters is survival. Here's a short list of the characters so far:
Protagonist; in a Olympian morph. Muse is named Blue
Synthmorph, Firewall sentinel and indentured to DirAct
Sylph, second individual resleeved by Antares
Infomorph, Hotaru's father; stored in a ghostrider module, acting temporarily as his daughter's muse
Entity that started it all; self proclaimed Seed AI and Promethean. A touch... touched.
"Human Black Box"
Whatever is inside of the black box that Chloe either correctly or incorrectly confused with a "modified ghostrider module" (according to Antares)
I've currently got 4 parts of the story up, and I'm working on a 5th to have up soon - my archive can be found here: http://post-modernenlightenment.blogspot.com/p/human-black-box-archives....
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Re: Human Black Box
So, Antares is GLaDoS. Kidding aside, that is... interesting. Hm. I'll look at it more later.