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Legacy Corporation - because children are our future

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Legacy Corporation - because children are our future
[i]Our children are our future, but they're also our past. Every one of us carries a genetic legacy, from the very first cell to our most recent ancestor, each unique and unlike any other. Can you really let your loved one's genetic legacy fade away forever? Let Legacy Corp. help you allow them to live forever.[/i] - Legacy Corporation Entoptic Ad In the years before the Fall, when the vast majority of transhumanity lived on Earth, a vast number of projects were performed to gather an immense database of human genetic information. The reasons for this gathering varied widely, from trying to preserve genetic variability to scientific study to developing identification bases for police systems. In the decades before the demise of much of transhumanity, resleeving was largely a rarity for most people, and so many Fall survivors still remember a time when their genetic ID was on record and was used to identify themselves in some places. Since the Fall, though, that's changed. The commonality of resleeving has made such large genetic databases useless for personal identification, and rare is the person today who sleeved in the body they were born in. Since that time, corporations have maintained their existing databases largely because the minimal cost of maintaining them is outweighed by the potential future benefit they may one day provide (and the PR boost that comes with it). In truth, it currently has little use outside of curiosity and the occasional person who wishes to create a clone of their original body. One corporation, however, has discovered another use for this vast storehouse of information. [b]Legacy Corp.[/b] Before its rebranding, Legacy Corporation was actually two smaller, seperate companies; Albright Data Solutions and Cell Medical. These two companies, specializing in personal identification programs and medical software respectively, died in the Fall, but some of their shareholders and much of their data were safely offworld at the time of the war. In the following years, the shares and data were bought out by Alissa Partridge, inner system heiress, who rebranded the company as Legacy Corp. Since that time, Legacy has marketed itself to those still grieving the Fall. Given the billions who died in the Fall, it is a truism that just about everyone lost at least a distant relative in that great crash, and many lost far more dear ones than that. Offering access to an enormous genetic database, Legacy offers people a chance to reclaim something of their lost loved ones. Children created by Legacy Corp are clones of the dead or offspring created by mixing their DNA with the DNA of the client. Given genetic tweaks to make them healthier and stronger, Legacy promises its clients a bright promise for the future, by giving them back something of their past. [b]Plot Hooks[/b] -Legacy Corp is not the only company that stockpiled DNA before the Fall. Many corporations, including several hypercorps, also have great stockpiles of proprietary data that they're not about to give up easily. When a very wealthy client seeks to find the genetic information of their lost spouse, some executives are willing to go to great lengths to see their customers satisfied. -Legacy Corp's DNA database has been compromised! In the last days of the Fall, genetic screening was used to detect Exsurgents before it was clear that the virus affected more than just flesh. Some of the data of Exsurgent DNA survives in Legacy Corp's databases, and was used to create a clone child just over half a decade ago. What will players do when they find out there's a possible Exsurgent threat out there that's had years to develop? And how will they react when that potential threat seems to be an otherwise normal child? -As it turns out, someone close to one of the player characters survived the Fall, but wasn't aware the player character did. Driven by grief, they went to Legacy to have a child created. How will they react to finding out they apparently have a child?
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Re: Legacy Corporation - because children are our future
This is great! Makes complete sense.
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Re: Legacy Corporation - because children are our future
I love this concept, and not just for all the potential ideas it presents to a campaign. The last hook about having a child you didn't know about it just all sorts of fun. :)