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Post-errata Opposed Tests

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Post-errata Opposed Tests
This one is from a friend of mine, I can’t take credit for it. Before Third Printing, MoS on an opposed test was reduced by the level of your opponent’s success. It wasn’t stated exactly that way, but that was the effect of the game mechanics. It was less likely to have a high MoS with someone working against you – you had to roll above a minimum number (being the opponent’s roll) to succeed, which in turn limited the maximum possible MoS you could have. Now, your MoS is the same as your die-roll. So no matter how well your opponent rolls, your maximum possible MoS is the same. In fact, it is less possible to succeed poorly in an opposed situation – you either do it very well or not at all. I do like the new “your die roll is what you get” mechanics, they are easier and faster and statistically the same. But we wanted to bring back the same MoS statistics from the original rules. Solution? Subtract the opponents MoS from your own, dropping negatives. Which is to say: subtract your opponent’s die roll from your own, if they are successful. If they are not, do nothing. I guess you could also add opponents success level to increase Margin of Failure, but we haven’t been doing that. In either case, I don’t think it is advisable to give the roller a bonus if his opponent fails. No one has suggested that, I just added it for clarity.
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Re: Post-errata Opposed Tests
I guess I hadn't read the rules too closely, but I had always assumed that was how it was anyway.