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Psionic Rules

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Psionic Rules
I read somewhere that there will psionics in the game. What are the psionic rules like in the game?
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From what I've read/heard so
From what I've read/heard so far, "psionics" is in essence a sophisticated enhancement. So I'm guessing psi is run along the same rules as the upper-level implants, abilities that might be considered telepathy, esp, etc... but nothing like traditional psi powers of telekenesis, etc all (like "ESP" in "Blue Planet"). And what abilities do exist operate with limits and with technological enhancement. Not quite a super-power or something like that, but with all that's out there I'll take whatever edge I can get! ...I could be wrong though, let's see what the writers say.
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Personally, I would think
Personally, I would think that aside some sort of technological "telepathy" those enhanced cognitive abilities could refer to similar abilities that Mentats had in Dune.
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Actually, I think they are trying to put the setting into the realm of current theories. Far as normal science is concerned now, your mind will never achieve natural psychic powers... but a telepathy chip is definitely in the realm of plausibility.
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It's not technological in nature, at least not the level of technology that transhumanity has access to. It's more like an infection. I will say no more lest I spoil vital metaplot!

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Hmm, interesting. So let me
Hmm, interesting. So let me ask... can you acquire Psi and still be a Player Character? or do you become an NPC (like say, becoming a vampire or zombie for comparison). Or can you acquire it but you do so with the knowledge that getting the "infection" that leads to Psi can have potentially nasty after effects (sorta like being a long-term Lovecraftian investigator "sure I got these tendrils and I wake up screaming... but check out my Shoggoth summoning bonus!").
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You can have psi and be a PC

You can have psi and be a PC but there are some distinct drawbacks similar to what you mention.

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Thread Necromancy: Psychokinetics?
Are there plans for Psychokinetics to be added into the Psi range? I know that the book covers the telepathic aspects, but I'd like to see rules on the telekinetic side of psionic abilities.
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No, we were intentionally

No, we were intentionally trying to avoid that kind of traditional psionics. It goes a step further down the road towards implausibility than we wanted. If that's your thing, though, by all means make up some rules and include it in your game!

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Except in the hidden info
Except in the hidden info section, of course.