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Art of Eclipse Phase

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Art of Eclipse Phase
I love the artwork of Eclipse Phase, and am wondering if it's possible due to the creative commons licence, whether anyone has edited/compiled it into one file? Except for the obvious aesthetic purposes of having such a file it would be a wonderful way of getting some of my friends to play the game as I think the art especially helps invoke the setting, which although brilliant is quite a lot to take in for a first time player. (I still have some dubious players who don't have time with jobs/family to spend a lot of time reading rulebooks as well as having time to game). I know there's a thread with links to Eclipse Phase(esque) artwork (which is also stunning) but I would love to see an official EP art book too - just to see the artwork in full (before it needs to be edited for insertion into supplements etc). Anyway, love this game so much, looking very forward very much to getting a HB copy of the 3rd printing in the UK as soon as it's available.
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Re: Art of Eclipse Phase
I'm not aware of any such collection. I do believe that, aside from special instances mentioned in the credits, and of the art pieces can be pulled and reassembled, so you're welcome to do that. You might need the hack packs to be able to pull the art out cleanly though.