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Combat and Movement Questions

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Combat and Movement Questions
Hi there, first post here, hope you guys can help. I'm all for abstract combat and come from a narrative rp background but am a little confused on how to handle abstract combat in EP. This is mainly due to the fact that most of my players "always" go for the head. As the only called shots seem to be written as to bypass armour or disarm at target they seem a little harsh if you're using the called shot rules to aim for a certain body part. So, if someone says they're going to try to shoot someone's head and their successful roll causes a wound or two how would you handle it compared to someone else who was saying they are shooting another part of the body (or perhaps just generally shooting at a target) and gained the same amount of wounds? On Movement - I'm a little confused with synth morphs. Whilst I can find information on different types of mobility systems, from hoppers and tracks etc throughout the book - so I can find how much they can move per turn for example, under the actual descriptions p310 there's no additional information (not to mention it would have been easier I think if the rates of movement where printed here!). For example, there's a mobility system called a hopper. It describes that it hops like a frog. I would assume therefore that it could jump higher than say an average bio morph yet I can't find any rules on how far/much it could jump vertically. Are there any such rules, ie do I just use the Pneumatic Limbs robotic augmentation for free (p311) or does this again fall into the abstract category?
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Re: Combat and Movement Questions
Called shots cause a -10 to their skill and require a MoS of 30 or more to work. If not the attack hits like normal. If your players are pulling shots like that every time then the dice love them and there isn't much you can do with that lol. I'll assume the character has a 60 in Kinetics and a +10 from smartlink so that's 70 in all. They roll against someone who rolling 30 fray against them (60/2). The player gets 40 and the enemy gets 30. So the attack succeeds but because the player didn't get the MoS of 30 or more the attack is only normal and not a called shot. Personally I would give him extra negatives to anything that requires sight and maybe hearing if you say the attack also grazed his ear. There is a listed movement right next to it. For example the swarmanoid has 4/20 next to hopper. I would say it can hop the same in any direction (the listed 4/20) but that's just because I don't want to think about it to much and just keep the game moving.
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